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**NOTE: Though you may not resonate with some of the “Fallacy” chapter themes, learning how to bring forth the “heaven to earth” connection and having complete confidence and trust in working with the Divine Energy Gifts is the most important tool of this book. You have the birthright to increase your Light, Higher Truths and knowings so that you can transform fears, insecurities, limitations and all types of blocks that hinder you from flowing and aligning to who you truly are.

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The book is initially offered in PDF form or printed in a 3 ring 1/2 inch binder (you can also print the PDF yourself). I am currently looking for a Publisher that will support the book properly. 
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My intent in writing this book is to help bring to the forefront of your awareness that you are given the Divine ability to work with energetic creations (every belief, thought and emotion is a creation that holds a frequency vibration) and transform the ones that you no longer want affecting your sub-conscious or conscious life. I teach and guide you on how to use Shamanic energy tools that will clear and transform low-vibrating (low-light) energetic blocks and fears. The Shamanic process you will learn is not one that contains a lot of ritual. Meaning there is no drumming, chanting or working with smoke or other items. I am not implying that rituals are unimportant. I am stating that while they may be interesting or give comfort, they are not necessary to connect to the Light realms. Instead, I teach you to request and open up a Sacred space. Once the Sacred space is opened, DIVINE energetic gifts can be accessed (explained in full detail in the book). The purpose of the Shamanic energy gifts is to dismantle energetic blocks and elevate the Light within you. The vibrational increase in your Light will support you in transcending man-made beliefs, fears, distorted perceptions and subconscious sabotaging. You will also become increasingly aware of your own negative self-talk and emotions. Through this transformative process you will connect to your DIVINE team which will support you in transmuting and clearing away “all that you are NOT”. Everything that “you are not” is a false version of you. You will learn to re-align to the unique spark of you and to recall your importance in Creation. You will be empowered to elevate your inner Light and knowings.

Within the DIVINE Light, truths, Higher intelligence and encoded instructions for improving disharmonies and higher awareness exist. We have been disconnected and separated from working with this Light and have replaced it with low-vibrating fears, ego, distorted perceptions, distorted thoughts, beliefs, doubts, judgments and a sense of separateness. However, since we are Light we have the ability to increase our Light. We just need to know and trust that we too can bring “heaven to earth” and utilize it for our highest good and learn how to request, command, surrender disruptive energy and receive creations of Light.

The time has come to take back our power and personally work with our Light and Higher Spiritual connections that have always been available to each and every one of us.

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