Trust in the Intelligence of Divine Synchronicity


All is wellSynchronicity are events that are meaningful coincidences but cannot be explained by just “chance”. They lead to an outcome that in most cases could not have been consciously planned.

Recently, I had come out of my home to get into my vehicle to go grocery shopping. As I approached my car, my next door neighbor was taking a box out of her car that contained two kitten. She asked if I had a minute and began to share with me how two kittens had appeared at her door step. She had noticed them a day before on her front door camera. When she opened the door the kittens ran into her house. She took them to a facility to have them checked for a chip. There was no chip. She was told that they were approximately 5 to 6 months old. She was going to get the word out and wait one week to see if anyone claimed them, if not she would probably adopt them.

I left for my shopping. Five minutes into my shopping, at a large warehouse store, I ran into another neighbor that I usually exchange salutations and quick pleasantries. She was with her daughter. I had never come across them outside of our neighborhood. In conversation she proceeds to tell me that two days previous they had lost two kittens. They were planning to go to the animal shelter to see if anyone had turned them in. Well you can guess my response to this revelation. I texted the first neighbor I ran into and let her know that this other neighbor would be coming by to pick up the kittens.

Had I come out of the house at a time that I would not have seen my neighbor with the lost kittens, I would have never been able to assist my second neighbor. However, I could only help out my neighbor if I became aware they had lost two kittens. So how “incredible” was it that in the big box warehouse store we encountered each other. I have experienced other synchronicities and have become aware of other people’s synchronicity experiences. You may also have had some amazing synchronicities occur.

With this current experience my trust is renewed in the unseen realm of Higher Intelligence. How that realm can provide support and direction to all of us in ways that our rational and analytical mind can not. Source, the Universe, Divine Intelligence, etc., is beyond space and time. When I allow this truth to settle it gives me a sense of peace and safety. I stay aware that I have a Spirit team. That sets well within me.

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