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The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of LOVE.  And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire. – Pierre Teillhard de Chardin

The resonance or vibration of Love is the highest frequency which exists in this physical realm and in the soul/spirit dimension.  It is believed that in the spirit dimension Love vibrates at its highest light which is “unconditional” Love.  Meaning there is no judgment, good or bad, of the experiences you have or choices you make; nor of the experiences or choices of others.  It is understood that everything ultimately leads to Love.  This unconditional Love is a constant.

A question I have been delving into is how do we harness on a daily basis the vibration of Love here as physical beings?  How do we use it to guide us, interact with others and to help us create the life we want?  It has become very clear to me that when I make a decision or choice which arises from some fear based belief or feeling it usually does not give “good” fruit.  However, most of us make decisions based on a belief of lack, insecurity, fear of the unknown, fear of the future…etc.  I figure it’s time to make decisions and choices from the feeling of Love.

Wonderfully it seems that our heart was made for the purpose of harnessing Love and for the purpose of receiving “higher” vibrating information and instructions that can guide us to make correct choices for our highest good.  It is believed that ancient people understood spirit and living from heart energy in a much more profound way than we understand it today.  They understood how we were connected to everything on this planet and to the cosmos.

For at least the last 200 to 300 years we have been moving away from trusting the signal, the feeling, or “nudge” which arises from our heart.   We have moved to trusting more in our intellect, our brain if you will.  However, I have come to realize that those of us who journey back to trusting the heart’s “intelligence” will have a much more fulfilling life moment by moment.  Being in our “heads” seems to have a lot of short comings and in the end results in increased frustration, confusion, disappointment and anxiety.   Being in our “head” can lead us to justifying decisions which end up being very disappointing.

An interesting scientific comparison from the HeartMath Institute Research Center uncovered that the heart and brain’s electromagnetic fields (EMF) are vastly different.  The heart’s EMF is five thousand times stronger than that of the brain; its electrical field (without the magnetic field) is sixty times greater than that of the brain.  If it is true that a higher vibrating frequency is closer to the frequency of Love then which organ makes more sense to connect with and trust more often?

Truly the heart is similar to a “receiver” able to connect to higher frequency energy; this higher level energy carries information/instructions.  This “divine/filled with light” information are read by the cells (also energetic) and can guide us, inspire us and elevate our thoughtforms and beliefs.  Living from the heart points us to decisions that are for our highest good.  Maybe this is why the heart has been referred to as the center of the body or the home of the soul.  Living from our heart does not mean that we do not utilize our brain (intellect, logic).  It’s more like from the heart we run our brain and therefore we function mentally, emotionally and physically in a “healthier” and more coherent state versus a chaotic and dramatic state.

How Can We Live From the Heart?

One of the most difficult things for many of us to do is to take a “break” and just be without any distractions!  Literally, just checking in with ourselves and simply asking questions is an easy and powerful way to experience connecting to our heart and to the wisdom it can provide.  Especially when we find ourselves challenged by life situations and experiences – that is the best time to focus your awareness on the energy/spiritual Heart center and ask it for the truth about you, others, or any dilemma.  Simple, but effective steps to this process are:

  1. Get quiet for a period of time (2-3 minutes).  Take a couple of deep breaths.
  2. Place your focus on the heart area.  Invite the Divine.  Placing a hand or both hands over your heart can keep the focus.
  3. Ask your question (i.e.  Can I make this (relationship, situation…etc.) better?, Is choosing ____best for me?,  Should I trust this person?…)
  4. Set for a minute and feel the answer.  Your feeling will manifest into awareness.  If not in the moment, in the near future.
  5. Trust the answer.  No need to debate it.  Humbly accept it.

No question is too insignificant.

I once came across the story of a young woman who left home to attend college.  After the first year she was extremely unhappy.  However, she had told herself that this is what everyone did and that she should be grateful for the opportunity to go off to college.  Her heart tugged at her to just go back home, but her “head” told her she would be a failure.  She believed her family would be very disappointed.  She began to consider suicide.  The depth of her misery was going to lead her to take her own life.  Fortunately, she listened to her heart which told her to just call her parents.  Her father answered the phone, she began crying and telling her dad that she wanted to come home.  Without hesitation her Dad said “then come home”.  Had she just not overridden with her “head” what was truly in her heart she could have avoided much internal turmoil and the possibility of ending her life.  She is now a very happy and successful teacher.

How Can We Learn From the Heart?

There are times when we are hit with an unexpected event or with a new re-occurring physical pain.  When this occurs I suggest you do not go the path of feeling like a “victim” (remember it is happening FOR you not to you).  Go into your heart and ask what you are meant to learn or understand.  These are teachable moments. In these moments many emotional past experiences or feelings can come up.  By them surfacing there can be a release and therefore a type of healing/wellness can come through.

For example, a psychiatrist who now incorporates mind, body, spirit techniques once worked with a man who had suffered from severe frozen shoulder on his right side for 4 years.  He could not lift his arm above his shoulder and he rated his pain level at an eight.  The psychiatrist asked him to trust him and to ask his body (heart) what he could learn from all this pain.  What was his body trying to get him to understand?

Though the patient had never tried this he felt he had nothing to lose.  After a few minutes of introspection, the man revealed that he felt he was not a good enough man.  He shared that he felt inadequate.  He had also not been able to father any children and this added to this feeling.  A memory that also came up for him was one in which his parents used to take on foreign boarders.  He recalled a Chinese boarder and remembered that later there were pictures of the Chinese boy in the house but none of him.

Once the psychiatrist allowed his patient to talk about all that revealed itself to him, he asked him to once more rate his pain level.  Instead of an eight it had lowered to a three!  This had never happened in the last 4 years with any therapy or pain medication.

I suggest that next time you don’t know what to do, instead of trying to force your way past your unawareness, trying to desperately figure out a solution, realize that you’ve reached the moment of connecting with your heart which is the closest thing to Love.  Love does not misguide us.

Harness for God the energies of Love and discover your own fire!

Great talk about living from your Heart

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  1. 1 Victoria

    I whole heartedly agree. Imagine a world where more of us are acting with our hearts first. We all benefit from the effects.
    Very nicely written – thank you Lu

  2. 2 jonathan

    great writeup Lu! Thank you so much for you and your great work.

  3. 3 Gerri

    Thank you Lu – this came at a great time!!

  4. 4 Lu Martinez

    Gerri, so glad to know this was helpful. Each and everyday it is essential to examine if we are being filled with mind/fear chatter or if we are connected much higher thought forms and vibrations which come from the Heart. Let the Heart speak to the mind and keep aligning to that and your life will run very smoothly. Keep up the faith and trust!

  5. 5 Penelope J.

    Hello Lu,
    What an interesting post. I haven’t been able to read all of your posts but I’m going to make a point of doing so as it looks like our blogs have a lot in common. We’re both trying to be uplifting and motivating. I was particularly impressed by your last line “Harness for God the energies of Love and discover your own fire!” which is so similar to a recent title on one of my blog posts. “Harness the Power of Your Memories.”

    Please come back and visit my blog again. I’ll definitely be visiting yours.

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