Transformation of Epigenetic Effects Via Divine Shamanic Energy Healing


Book Cover Being an Alternative Medicine, Shaman Healer and Reconnective Healing practitioner has been very fulfilling and rewarding. I enjoy witnessing people’s lives improve physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I’ve witnessed people become free of certain ailments, anxiety, depression, fears, traumatic experiences, confusion/doubt and just an overall feeling of being “stuck”. I’ve witnessed many take back their personal power, worth, honor and truth.

A modality that I really enjoy and is beautifully mystical, transformational and amazingly powerful, is the contemporary Inca Shamanic healing modality I was blessed to learn about. One of the amazing things I am able to do within this modality is that of clearing and transforming beliefs and fears that have been created by ancestors. Just like physical traits are passed on genetically, heavy fears and beliefs can be passed on in cellular memory. I have helped about 40% of my clients become free of ancestral energetic creations. An ancestral energetic creation is felt at a very young age. You may ask “what can be passed on?” Any thought, belief, experience or statement that has been charged with great emotion or trauma is what can be passed on.

The scientific studies on epigenetics has greatly contributed to the understanding of how very powerful painful or fear based experiences in one’s ancestors, going back many generations, can influence our own genes. The research indicates that certain life circumstances can either cause genes to shut-down or express (be active). Epigenetics, essentially, affect how our genes are read by our cells and therefore this creates the corresponding biochemical reactions and body electrical impulses which affect many aspects of our being.

For example, I have a client, who had a male ancestor on his father’s side, that passed down the lineage a great desire not to have children. I’m not sure why he did not want children, but I can speculate that since my client’s ancestry was of African lineage, this male ancestor may have wanted to avoid the deep pain of seeing his children become slaves and/or be sold to others. Though this ancestor ended up having children, he did not seek to bond with them. The emotional disconnection to children was passed on to his children and it continued down this genetic line. My client remembers feeling like he and his sister were never wanted by their father. There was no emotional bond between them. He noticed his aunts and uncles were either childless or had only one or two children. It is quite possible that the descendants of this long ago male ancestor had no idea why they didn’t feel similar nurturing feelings towards their children like other moms or dads felt.

Three to four months after my client and I performed some Divine energetic exchanges on what this ancestor had created, both he and his dad began to reach out to each other at a frequency that had not occurred before. They began to do more “father/son activities”. My client told me that he never expected this to happen between him and his father. This is only one example of how ancestral energetic creations can be passed on and derail a person’s life experiences.

Not all clients are affected by ancestral energetic creations. Some are affected by their earlier experiences in their formative years. Still others are affected by a number of low-vibrating judgments, beliefs and distorted internal dialogues about themselves. There are some that have been affected by a traumatic experience they personally experienced or the trauma of a loved one’s sudden death. In many of these cases there is a type of Post Traumatic Stress syndrome (PTSD) that they experience throughout their lives.

In my new original book, Divine Power, Divine Right; A Guide To Unleashing Your Inner Light, I cover an array of fears, issues, beliefs, perceptions, negative self-dialogue and traumas. In the majority of the chapters I walk the reader through a process of doing their own Divine energetic exchanges which clears and transforms low-vibrating energetic blocks, fears, beliefs and thoughts. I teach and support the personal cultivation and commitment of self-kindness, self-love, self-honor and alignment to eternal Truths that go beyond this physical realm. An authentically flowing self not only blesses the individual but also blesses the whole of humanity.

No matter what other modalities you have experienced, the teachings in this book will bring about greater awareness and understandings that will increase the flow and enjoyment of your life experiences.

To read some excerpts of the book or listen to some audio/videos click here.

I am looking for a Literary Agent or a Publisher that is the correct fit for me, the book and its teachings. Please contact me if you have some good contacts. Thank you.

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