The Liberating Experience of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke



“I am an energy being radiating life.† I’ve got atoms and molecules outside of me and I have atoms and molecules inside of me.” – Dr. Bolte Taylor

Once more we have an experience which helps us realize that we perceive life† in a very limited scope.† Judging by all the life after death accounts, the current extensive studies into quantum physics and electromagnetic fields, the journey into the Soul realm, along with other paranormal phenomenon, it seems to me we are in a time of great consciousness awakening.† These potential “truths” unveil our grandeur.† We are beings connected to great power and knowledge.

Below is a very powerful video of a brain scientist, Jill Bolte Taylor, who suffered a stroke and as a brain scientist actually had the opportunity to observe and analyze her own stroke.† She recalls thinking to herself “Isn’t this cool?† How many brain scientists get to see this up close?” While her brain began to slowly shut down she was aware of how it was shutting down and how all her sensory abilities were being affected; auditory, visual…etc.† One very insightful moment came when the left side of her brain totally became silent and she was able to experience only the right side of her brain.† The constant “mind chatter” ceased when the left brain shut down.

The enlightenment she received by only experiencing the right brain is what many mystics and spiritualists seek.† She recalls an immense peace and love.† She felt enormous and expansive and had a profound connection to the whole universe and others.† She sensed that there was no beginning or end to her being.† “Nirvana, I found Nirvana,” Dr. Taylor thought.† She discovered how much the two brain hemispheres (left and right) color our life experience.† The chart below is not an exhaustive list of what each side of our brain tends to do, but it gives a very good idea of the differences.


“I found inner piece.† I lost my left hemisphere and I’m probably the happiest person on the planet.” – Dr. Bolte Taylor

As each year passed and her recovery progressed, a few memories of her life came back to heróincluding emotional baggage she had been living without up to that pointóbut Dr. Taylor says she made the choice to not include those memories in her present, peaceful life. She says everyone can change their thoughts from painful memories and constant mind chatter to inner peace. “Pay attention to what you are thinking, and then decide if those are thoughts that are creating the kind of life you want created,” she says. “And if it’s not, then change your thoughts. It’s really that easy.”

I hope you connect to the great lesson of Dr. Bolte Taylor’s story.† We make the choices.† We are the creators of our experiences; how we interpret, react and act. †

If you would like to order Dr. Taylor’s book, My Stroke of Insight, it is on the the Recommended Links page.

Realize your POWER, WORTH and GRANDEUR; it’s ALL good!

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