The Elderberry Plant – Your Defense Against The Flu Virus


elderberryUsually when we contract influenza (the flu) we are told to take pain killers, drink fluids and wait for the virus to run its course.† It is not necessary to suffer to that extent.† There is an herbal formula named Elderberry D3Fense and Elderberry Immune Soft Chews (for children) which can be utilized to lessen the replication of a flu causing virus. It can also help the body build its defenses against the current Swine Flu.

During the 1980ís and into the 90ís, Israeli scientists Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu and Dr. Jean Linderman isolated two active constituents from elderberry. Both of these constituents proved effective in fighting strains of influenza by rendering the viruses unable to replicate themselves. These doctors then conducted a double-blind, clinical trial in which patients infected with the influenza virus were given either an extract of elderberry or a placebo. Seventy-five percent of the patients who received the elderberry extract were much improved within 48 hours.† After 72 hours, 90 percent of this group was completely well.

Meanwhile, the placebo group endured symptoms for six days before any significant improvement was noted. Measurements revealed that patients who had received the elderberry extract had greater numbers of antibodies than those who received the placebo, indicating a heightened immune-system response.† In addition to clinical studies, laboratory experiments show that elderberry neutralizes flu viruses in petri dishes and cures the flu in mice.

Viruses are organisms which cannot replicate themselves. They must use DNA from living cells in order to reproduce. Flu viruses invade cells by puncturing the cell walls with little spikes called hem agglutinin. These spikes are coated with an enzyme called neuraminidase, which helps break down the cell walls. Elderberry appears to actually disarm these spikes and inhibit the action of this enzyme — thus preventing flu viruses from invading further cells.

The best manner in which to take the Elderberry formulas when symptoms appear is to take 6 capsules (4 chewable tablets for child) per day for the first three days and then lower the intake to 4 capsules (2 tablets for child) per day until symptoms have subsided.† To keep the body elevated in its defenses to help prevent the flu, take 2 capsules of the Elderberry D3Fense and 1 chewable Elderberry Immune Soft Chews for a child.† So don’t delay stock your medicine cabinet, and be prepared to fight the flu.

For more information regarding Natureís Sunshine Products (which produces these formulas) see the Health Analysis page on the website.

** If a condition persists or worsens in 24 hours seek medical attention.

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