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Health Analysis Testimonials

“It’s been 5 years since I last experienced a real migraine. I am 47 years old and suffered from migraines most of my life. As a young girl, I had an accident and attributed my headaches to the fall, but over time, I realized it was much more than that. For years, I took Advil (more than I should have) and came to realize that at some point, the drug was going to have a long-term affect on my liver so I stopped taking them and around the same time Lourdes came into my world.

Lourdes held a “Health Information Group Session” at my home which opened doors to many in attendance; some of which still stay in close communication with her. She brought to light the importance of keeping the body nourished and to replenish lost minerals. I have been taking vitamins (Multi Vitamin, B Complex, Vitamin D w/Calcium) since 2004 along with improving my own diet and started an exercise program that, I feel, has helped me tremendously.

My experiences with Lourdes have been positive and uplifting. She brings and shares her own experiences and shares all her knowledge and clearly has a passion to work with people to help us overcome our deficiencies and/or improve our overall health. Lourdes has been a blessing in many ways.”

Gerri I., Hayward, CA

“First and foremost, I am a firm believer in muscle testing (interpreting the vibrational frequencies of a client and through a muscle test determining if there is an imbalance) based on the premise that the body never lies. Within its synchronicity, the internal wisdom shines through. While Western medicine can be wonderful at times, it too often it addresses the symptoms by applying the band-aid effect without assessing the cause or root of the problem. Herein lies the efficacy of muscle-testing.

I have been on several high blood pressure medications and fighting the symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause. While I highly respect my doctor, I have felt he was guessing sometimes when he would change medications. After muscle testing with Lourdes and taking the suggested supplements, the blood pressure medication has decreased and the ongoing inconvenient symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats and fatigue have subsided completely. Yippee! Now I can wear sweaters and turtlenecks and just feel plain normal.

Another issue has been bleeding gums or advanced gingivitis with some evidence of periodontal disease. After dental probing, many of my teeth measured into the 5’s and 6’s while dental hygiene mandates never to exceed beyond 3. Western medicine’s response is to apply laser dental planing of each of the four quadrants and to continue this ongoing. In other words, control rather than remedy. After consulting Lourdes and following her suggested regimen, my next visit (3 months later) revealed no measurements beyond 3 except in one area. Not having witnessed this before, the hygienist was happy but very surprised.

Moreover, I have had a craving for something sweet my whole life. I thought I was born with a sweet tooth, but after testing, Lourdes discovered the problem and recommended supplements to normalize my body.

Well, guess what? Now, when I see desserts, I can take them or leave them.

I was also allergic at one time to wheat, dairy and corn. If that isn’t most of a person’s diet! As before, after consulting with Lourdes I can now eat anything and that’s a Godsend since I love to eat.

Understandably, these results were not achieved instantly and immediately because the body needs time to adjust and readjust. Whatever needs to be balanced requires time to do so. From my experience, change occurs between a month to 3 months. It’s similar to forming a new habit and anything worth changing does not happen overnight, unfortunately.

I can honestly say that even though Lourdes does not hold a medical degree, the improvements in my health cannot be overlooked and it’s been amazing. Undoubtedly, her interest and desire to help others is commendable. As a practitioner, she is more than willing to take whatever time is needed to find the appropriate solution. She is thorough in her research, knowledgeable in her practice, competent, and patient in putting together a regimen that is neither excessive nor impractical. I have found her to be amiable, responsible, conscientious, and above all, acts from a voice of integrity, a quality I definitely admire and not easily found in today’s society. Without reservation, working with Lourdes has always been a positive experience and she clearly displays a passion for what she does.”

CP, Oakland, CA

“I highly recommend Lourdes and the services that she provides she has done wonders for my family but more specifically for my four-year-old son. My son was two when I came to Lourdes he was suffering with severe and frequent sinus and ear infections that would trigger asthma attacks. The infections caused him to have numerous asthma attacks. He had been on an outrageous amount of antibiotics and asthma medications prescribed by the pediatrician and his immune system had been compromised because of it.

Lourdes tested my son and was able to provide me with a detailed diet and vitamin regiment to help get my son healthy again. We followed her guidance carefully and he has been healthy ever since. I am so proud to say that my son will be five next month and he has not had one asthma attack and he doesn’t need an inhaler or breathing machine any more. His frequent colds, ear and sinus infections are no more and even the pediatrician was in awe. I recommend Lourdes to everyone I know because she’s accurate, effective, thorough, and looks out for the best interests of everyone she treats. You will not be disappointed.”

P.S. During my pregnancy I consulted with Lu regarding my extreme edema and some eczema and also on my son’s restless and irritable behavior. She knew exactly what to do for both of us and now we are both back on track.

P.S.S. 07/09- Recently I began to suffer from hyper-thyroid and Lu once more got that under control. I had been losing weight, hair and perspiring excessively. In 2 weeks all this began to shift and I have continued to improve dramatically.

Desirae, San Lorenzo, CA

(Translated version) “I am blessed to have Lu as my cousin. She has come to my aid in so many ways; in particular when it comes to my health and also with one of my grand-daughter’s health. Even though I live in Mexico, Lu still has dramatically helped me. Due to much stress in my life I began to have digestive issues. I also began to suffer with migraines, depression and later insomnia. She sent me many of the suggested nutrients via mail. I took them as she indicated and I do not suffer from any of these symptoms any longer. Regarding my granddaughter, as a toddler she began to have bouts of bronchitis and ear infections. This child was on constant antibiotics. She also had constipation. Lu sent me some supplements to elevate her immune system and a natural antibiotic so that we would not use the pharmaceuticals. She made suggestions on what herbs I could use for her constipation. Within 2 months we noticed how much healthier she was. It has been 4 years and since then she has no more bronchitis or ear infections. I suggest to anyone in a vicious cycle with their health to meet with my cousin Lu. Her abilities are great but her heart is even bigger.”

Martha J., Guadalajara, Mexico

“I was fortunate enough to get to meet Lu. In conversation she told me about her ability to help people recover their health. She quickly demonstrated how our energy gives out information and that we (not just her) can learn to interpret our body’s needs. My son, then 9 years old, had been on asthma medication since he was four years old and his condition was not improving. In fact it seemed like he was getting slightly worse. In addition he also suffered with hay fever. I was curious to see if Lu could help him. We met with her and she did her thorough analysis on him and discovered what he needed. After 2 months of the supplements we began to notice great improvement. It has now been 3 years and he has not been on any asthma medication! His hay fever is 90% under control. What a relief it is to not watch your child go through another asthma attack.”

Arcelia W., Santa Cruz, CA

“Lourdes is very passionate about helping others with their health and general wellbeing (emotional, psychological and spiritual). She helped me (Alicia) with skin irritations, sleep problems, PMS and high cholesterol. She will inspire you the moment you meet her. Whatever your health concern may be, her research and knowledge towards each individual is so much more than you will expect. Lourdes has personally helped us and we are grateful to know her. We know that she will succeed in her continuing journey to change the lives of those that cross her path.”

Alicia and Alfred, Hayward CA Owners of Vintage Alley Clothing

“I was diagnosed with fibroid tumors about six years ago. The tumors caused a great deal of discomfort, pain, and heavy bleeding with blood clots. The symptoms were very intense. My doctor suggested a partial hysterectomy! I called Lourdes and she helped me by suggesting what types of supplements to take to support the reproductive system. By my next menstrual cycle the symptoms were less, and the symptoms and bleeding kept on diminishing as time passed. My extreme bleeding has stopped and I now have a very light period. My doctor has confirmed that the fibroid tumors have shrunk and I feel great. I continue to use Lourdes’ expertise and advice with other issues and believe that supplements help us to live healthier by supplying what our bodies lack in nutrients.”

Anna F., Oakley, CA

“I met Lourdes approx 3 years ago at a seminar she held at a relative’s home. I was bit curious and was dealing with health issues for myself and family. After listening to Lourdes speak I was amazed at her knowledge. My main concern was for my husband of 22 years, since I have known him he was on medication for severe allergies. He was to a point that some days were impossible for him to get out of bed. Medication after medication nothing seemed to work and the doctors basically told him that was what he had to deal with, he was tested for many things that would cause his allergies, and to say the least he should have been kept in a bubble. All elements affected him no matter what time of year. I had Lourdes test him for many different causes, and to my amazement he was not only allergic to the elements but what he was consuming. Lourdes put him on several different supplements and diet restrictions. Within 3 months, he noticed an incredible change. He limited his intake of the foods that were contributing to his allergies, and began to have a normal life. He was weaned off his medication and to this day has not taken any medication; it’s been at least 3 years. He was skeptical; he never would have known or thought this was something he could imagine would happen to him. Lourdes impacted his life immensely as well as my family. We are constantly looking to her for guidance and her ability to give my family a healthful life.

By the way, my husband can now eat the foods that were contributing to his severe allergies without any consequence.”

Patty H., Union City, CA

“My mom was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis of the lungs in August of 2008. She had a biopsy and the doctor advised that she may need a steroid treatment. I had known about Lu and her work and asked her if she could help my mom with this condition. After the session Lu created a supplement regiment based on her findings. She also had my mom do a stress release exercise. We began her supplementation in Sept 08. Three weeks after starting her program she noticed more energy, and was feeling great. A scheduled treadmill test about 4-5 weeks into her program indicated she had gained 1 point in lung capacity. There was no need for steroid treatment at this time. Lu and I without knowledge of each other had many years back been treated by the same Alternative Medicine practitioner. Lu made it her destiny to research, study, understand and apply this practice in helping others to achieve what is rightfully ours; well-being and good health.”

Tommy R., Sunnyvale, CA

“Since I was a child I suffered with asthma and hay fever. Into adulthood the asthma retreated but the hay fever continued. I also was allergic to any animal that shed. Lu examined me; she discovered many nutrients that were deficient that were the cause of my allergies. After taking the suggested supplements within 3 months I noticed that while others around me were experiencing hay fever symptoms I wasn’t. Some time later I went to a party at a friend’s house which had cats. I realized 3 hours later that I barely had a reaction being in the home. At other times I would have had to step out of the house after 30 minutes because my throat would begin to swell. This time around I only felt a tickle in my throat. Lu has also been very helpful in helping my body deal with stress. I began to have digestive problems and she gave me an herb formula which helped with the stress and in turn relieved the digestion issue. As a side benefit to meeting with Lu, she also helped with excessive perspiration. I would come home with my shirt drenched. This is not the case any longer. I say that what she does for her clients has no price. When something I struggled for years with can shift in 3 months, how do you put a price on that? I wish I would have known of her many years back.”

Darren, Sunnyvale, CA

“I began to lose my hair and didn’t know what to do. A friend suggested I call Lu. Lu told me that women are not supposed to go bald and that she could help me. So I met with her. After a very thorough analysis she discovered quite a few of my B-vitamins were depleted as well as my adrenal glands were not functioning correctly. A couple of other minerals were also low. I had not mentioned that I was suffering with some insomnia and she was able to discover that on her own. She helped me with a coffee and sugar craving that caused much of my B-vitamin depletion. I also had bad PMS. Lu discovered I needed to balance out my estrogen and progesterone hormones. In 6 weeks I could feel some hair follicles growing in spots that were bald. My insomnia also went away and I have energy levels I have not experienced in about 2 years. The PMS is no longer an issue. I thank my friend for having told me about Lu. What a blessing! I highly recommend you give her a try if you have not been successful in recovering fully from a health problem. I keep her information always with me to pass onto others. She is also always available to answer quick questions.”

Dawn M, San Leandro, CA

Reconnective Healing and The Personal Reconnection

New Perspective

Since my Reconnective Healing with Lu I have been sleeping really hard which before I would wake up and not go back to sleep right away.  Also I have been dreaming a lot but it is mostly my childhood years and a lot of dreams with my Dad.  Some of the dreams I had were almost like they were happening yesterday.  The other thing I am noticing is that the color red-orange is brite.  But I feel such a peace within myself.  My body feels very rested and able to look at things from a different perspective instead of feeling helpless.  Everyday is challenging for me especially at work but I do feel a sense of peace I can’t explain.

Martha had the following experiences during her Reconnective Healing:

      • Vibration on right knee
      • Coldness at the knees and down into the feet
      • Chills through-out the body
      • Aroma – mom’s homemade lotion.  Would come in strong and fade.
      • Heavy pressure on neck and simultaneously visualizing an Orange horizon which changed into a bright white light.  This light then transformed into a light fog.
      • Feeling of weightlessness
      • Felt a light breeze around the crown and sides of the head
      • A sense of being pursued and wanting to yell/scream
      • Pressure on neck returned
      • Dozed off into sleep

Martha – Hayward, CA

After Cancer Support

I was referred to see Lu by my son & daughter in law.  I contacted Lu by phone and was very comfortable when speaking to her and impressed when she could tell me some of the things I was feeling before I told her myself.  At our first meeting and Reconnective session one of the most dramatic things I felt was a pull on my right side where I had 2 surgeries, maybe an adjustment of sort I believe.  Since then I have only had to use a salonpas patch (used to relieve pain) once on that side.  I also notice my sleep is more restful and I don’t feel as tired.  The Reconnective session I think also helped to adjust my body and spirit, or soul as one again.   I have been able to be more aware of my feelings and others in such a way that I try to be more sensitive in speaking to another.   Having Cancer has not been easy for anyone in our family, including our friends.  Lu has also helped with liver cleansing due to the chemo.  I feel blessed to know someone like Lu and some others who have helped me spiritually to heal in a natural way.

Denise had the following experiences during her Reconnective Healing:

    • Right side of abdomen where colostomy bag was placed had a release/shift
    • Left side felt very heavy
    • Aromas: lavender and baby powder scents
    • Felt slight coldness
    • Feet twitched and tingled
    • Right arm tingled; right leg itched and later received some kind of jolt
    • Slight ringing in left ear
    • Felt a slight breeze/ heard like a breeze on right ear
    • Some bright light came to eyes
    • Right hand felt like it was elevated

    Denise P. – San Jose, CA

Great Closure and Serenity

What a marvelous person Lu is.  Not only are her abilities powerful, but she radiates such wonderful energy and has such a caring way about her that I leave her presence even more energized and inspired.  I had one Reconnective Healing session with her and later I decided I was ready for the personal Reconnection.  All sessions were remarkable and quite powerful.  Since these sessions I have noticed a calmness and focus that I have not had in years.  I am making peace with certain events in my past that brought much trauma and chaos in my life.  I view many past events and current life situations from a different perspective.  Always a perspective of hope and with less fear.  I had read the Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden, and it so very exciting to think that after the personal Reconnection I am connected to such high level Universal energies and intelligence.  I also have experimented in accessing these frequencies and they are very palpable.  Experimenting with my husband, who sometimes can’t sleep well, the frequencies have given him sound sleep. It’s fun to experiment on my husband and others.

Adriana had the following experiences during her Reconnective Healing:

    • Eyes twitched involuntary (called registering)
    • Saw a quick flash of a violet light
    • Felt another presence behind head besides Lu
    • Heard crackling sound on left side to face and then from both sides
    • Felt a breeze around head going from side to side
    • Arms and hands felt very heavy and could also not feel the rest of the body

    Adriana had the following experiences during her Personal Reconnection (both sessions):

    First Session:

      • Heard crackling sounds
      • Felt lines being drawn on have
      • Felt like hips were twisted to one side (though lying flat on the table)
      • Felt weightless, felt like body was elevating
      • Went into a very deep relaxation
      • Left shoulder quivered
      • Right leg felt very swollen and enlarged
      • Felt like a connection being made between the base chakra (vaginal area) and the belly button, occurred 3 times
      • Heard the name of “Jamin” and with it radiated a light and a type of splendor

      Second Session:

        • Felt a presence near head
        • A lot of eye twitching
        • Hands felt quite heavy
        • Feet were enveloped by a breezy feeling
        • Felt a touch on left arm
        • A coldness entered through the right side of the face
        • Envisioned an explosion of color – red, green and purple, many sphere like shapes
        • At one point felt like many entities entered the room and just stayed in room the rest of the time
        • Adriana R. – Sunnyvale, CA

Standing In My Own Truth

I went to see Lu for a healing treatment after reading Eric Pearl’s book on Reconnective Healing.  I was very curious about the healings and wanted to see what it was like.  I had no expectation of healing any part of me as I considered myself to be in good health.  I just wanted to see if I could experience any effect from an “energy healing”.

Lu was a delight to meet.  She is warm and welcoming.  I felt like a special guest in her presence.  Lu explained all the details I wanted to know about the healing before she go to work.  During the healing procedure Lu asked me to pay attention to everything I was experiencing while I closed my eyes and lay on a table.  The experiences going on in me while I just lay there were quite astounding. I enjoyed focusing on every sensation.

Following the treatment Lu asked about my experience. We went over it together in detail. Then I was on my way to see how the healing would unfold in my life.

For a few days afterward I had rather low energy. I knew things were shifting in me. About two weeks after the experience I was in a conflictual situation with my husband. What in the past would have become huge drama for me became no big deal. And it was no big deal without me compromising myself. Instead, I spoke my truth and stayed in it, no apologizing, whining, or nagging. I clearly spoke from my heart and best of all it was EASY. I actually didn’t even notice what happened until a while later when I contemplated the interaction and noticed the difference.  I didn’t know how I learned to stand in my truth while in conflict when it had previously been so difficult for me I’d been working on this for 6 years).  The next day I realized it was the healing.  Since then I’ve seen myself handle various interactions that could be difficult in the same way. I am less fearful and able to stand in my own power like never before. It is such a gift of freedom and empowerment. Thank you Lu! I highly recommend her work.

Karen had the following experiences during her Reconnective Healings:

First Session:

    • The colors purple, gray, black, and murky green appeared. Some as sphere-like shapes others as blob-like
    • Felt weightless
    • In three different occasions a wave of energy surged from the pelvic area up to the chest area
    • There was a pushing down upon the abdomen area
    • The right leg felt like it was braced to the table; felt immovable
    • The image of a glass of milk appeared and she was given the milk to drink. She actually tasted of milk (possibly to bring to the forefront her need for vitamin D)
    • Felt warmth on different parts of the body especially the right arm
    • Towards the end of the session had the color purple cover her vision and then a mint green color came over the top of the purple and spread to the out reaches of the purple color
    • A bright white light appeared in the end of the session

    Second Session:

      • Felt a breeze on the right side of the face which later traveled down the right arm
      • From the beginning felt the general presence of an energy, it first manifested in the upper chest and throat area
      • Feet felt cold for a period of time
      • Left arm felt numb
      • Heard slight crackling sound
      • Eyes twitched occasionally (called registering)
      • Envisioned light in the shape of vibrating lightening
      • At times felt like had to take deep breaths
      • Envisioned being split in half from the base of the pelvis to the belly button, then some hands appeared facing palm up
      • At times felt weightless and as if floating
      • Towards the end felt like 4 hot sharp lines went down the base of the head
      • Karen, Wellness Coach – Los Gatos, CA

Shamanic Energy Testimonials

“I attended Lu’s “Transformation to your Authentic Self workshop” which featured the Shaman energy work. I enjoyed the message the workshop was offering. I enjoyed the way Lu presented the material. I enjoyed the conversations with everyone that attended. But in all honesty I did not “feel” any different. Then, about 2 days after the workshop, I noticed that I was sleeping much better than I had in months. I was sleeping deeper, more restful and was dreaming more actively. Another thing I noticed is that time “felt different”. I was noticing that each day felt as if it were two days. Not in a long drawn out, when is this day going to end sort of way, but more like time had slowed and there was plenty of time to do everything I needed to do and still just relax and notice life. This feeling has stayed with me and now my weekends feel as though they are 3 days long. Time truly has slowed to a leisurely pace. It is such a calm and peaceful feeling.

Also, up until recently I had been struggling with, what I call “finding my voice.” I have always had a difficult time speaking up for myself. So I have had a lifetime of allowing people to take advantage of me. Right before the workshop I had thought about this very issue. After the workshop, I found the strength to put into action this new found voice. This has been huge, not only to me but to the people in my life. Some were not too happy about this new found voice and they are having to adjust. But I am so much happier. My stress levels have dropped and I feel so much lighter. I believe this is living in the moment. This is how life is supposed to feel. I believe the energy gifts have elevated my vibrational frequencies and have given me the gift of time, calm, clarity and my voice. Thank you Lu, for your knowledge, insight and wonderful energy.”

Victoria K. – San Jose, CA

Note: Prior Reconnective Healing Client

“I was referred to talk to Lu by a cousin. I had been dealing with trying to get over being raped by a cousin when I was 12 years old. I am currently 26 years old and I still struggled with the emotions of that event. I had conventional therapy and it did help me quite a bit. However, I knew I needed more support and help. The outcome of the two sessions I had with Lu, I can only say have been near to a miraculous change within me. The Shaman process she uses is quite beautiful. Lu also said that I held some of his “forced” energy within my molecular structure which we then worked on removing.

Within the first week I felt quite tired and very irritable. But in the second and third week as I continued to reinforce some of the energy gifts Lu had me receive again, I began to feel “light”. It is difficult to explain. It was like I let go of the last of the anger and hatred towards my cousin. I also released the guilt, heaviness and shame I felt toward myself. I can also say that a greater sense of myself and the feeling of hope and love has overwhelmed me to the point that I almost feel like a new me. People talk about meditating in order to connect to higher consciousness or God, but for weeks now I have been feeling like I am always in a meditative like state. I am very in the “now”. As a consequence of this work I am not snacking like I used to so I have lost a little bit of weight. Others have also commented that there is something different about me. I am so grateful for this Shaman work Lu offers. Thank you, thank you! I highly recommend Lu for anything you want to overcome.”

Lynda W. – Santa Clara, CA

“Since doing the Shaman Transformation Healing workshop with Lu I have felt much more empowered to take charge of my life. I use her teaching almost daily to heal myself. The best benefit I received was increased intuitive clarity. As I do the work the insights are quick and concise. I enjoy greater energy levels now than just a few months ago. It is amazing how quickly I can process away emotions and physical pain when they come up. I would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to be more connected to Source Energy, more empowered to heal them selves and increase their intuition. I would love to see a sequel to the workshop. The power of working together in group is wonderful and Lu is a skilled, kind and generous healer-teacher.”

Colleen S. – San Jose, CA

Note: Prior Reconnective Healing Client

“Upon first meeting Lu, I instantly sensed that there was something VERY powerful about her. Though most of what she has brought into my life is immeasurable, she has provided me with the immense gifts of healing, guidance, and love. I believe Lu is a light worker among us. She is an infinite source of light and her sense of “knowing” comes from a place which is truly Divine. When combined with her knowledge there is no end to the amount of wisdom she is able to bring into one’s life. In the time I have known her, she has awakened my spirit to new ways of understanding and being. I believe she represents the future in healing practices and transformational work. The shamanistic energy work that we have done has caused transformational changes and have more importantly enabled me to, as she says, “stay in my power”. And while in my power I can then do what is intended for me to do here on Earth, follow my heart, which is ultimately the path of least resistance. A week without communication with Lu and she will have already jumped further and further ahead in the way she teaches and guides those lucky enough to be working with her. It is truly amazing how she is able to adhere specifically to the individual’s needs. From helping me with an issue with my throat (because I am a singer) to helping me with matters of the heart, she is a fountain of endless love. She will help you to transform your life should you be open to receiving. Either way, as she says, “it is all good”.

Isabela M. – New York, NY

“I found Lu in search of a practitioner to do my Personal Reconnection prior to taking Eric Pearl’s Level 1-3 workshops in Sep 2011. I was so excited about this experience that Lu accommodated my need for a same day appointment. She was extremely comforting and loving in addition to having a great sense of humor. I was blown away by the Reconnective Healing and Personal Reconnection sessions. The experience of blossoming into to the full essence of yourself is quite beautiful and I would literally be moved to tears before each our visits.

After my Reconnective work with her, it left me wanting more. I continued to work her via her Shamanic work. Listen to her radio show for a sample of how it works. Receiving the energetic gifts over the airwaves is just as powerful as in person but I suggest a one on one with her to dive deeper into every area of your full being.

At some point during each of my sessions with Lu, using her intuition and connection to spirit, she would always brings up a topic or relay a message to me “from the spirit realm” in regards to a question that had been weighing on my mind without me saying anything to her! I love it! I could sit and talk to her for hours about me if I could. 🙂

Lu is extremely helpful and has been available to me via email to answer any questions or concerns that have come about after each of my sessions. She even sends random emails with helpful tools to help me continue to move forward and live from my heart.

Overall, my life has been completely transformed. Lu’s work brings you into balance and leaves you feeling deeply connected to yourself and life. True blessing.”.

Linda R. – San Jose, CA

“I cannot say how much I adore this woman already! My boss went to her for a session and told me how amazing she was and recommended I go see her. I have had a tremendous amount of health problems as well as dealt with a ton of hard times throughout my life. I was desperate for some clarity. Regular internal medicine doctors were doing nothing for me. Therapy wasn’t helping. So I said what the hell let’s see if this works.

Lu started emailing me as soon as I made the appointment for my session. I told her why I was coming to see her, but not really specifics with my health. It was amazing that she found a remedy for a TON of my ailments that doctors could not identify for the near 30 years of my life. She recommended a few all natural supplements I started taking before I even saw her and told me I would feel better within a couple of weeks. She told me I had an adrenal gland issue and really low potassium levels. After following the regimen she instructed for me I started feeling better slowly. I’ve had insomnia issues for about 10 years now and for the first time in those years I can sleep through the night. You don’t realize how badly your body and mind need sleep until you finally get it! I’ve had so much more energy throughout the day, a more positive attitude about everything, and am learning to not sweat the small stuff.

Meeting her late July (2010) for our Shamanic energy work has honestly changed my life. I feel like I’ve known her for years. That I can tell her anything. But best of all, she is truly sincere and honest with what she tells you. I feel she really values her clients and goes above and beyond for them. I know some of you out there probably think this is nonsense. I was just as skeptical but you feel things that you weren’t even aware you thought of. It’s really refreshing and cleansing for your soul and health. Even if you look at is as just some kind of placebo effect as some of my friends seem to think, it works, so who cares.

Since the Shamanic process I have been able to shed deep anger I held for years towards myself and projected unto the world. Many of my insecurities are also falling by the wayside. I have also weaned myself off anti-depressants. This is so freeing. I work in a very negative environment and used to take so much of the stress home. I can now let all the dysfunction of work roll off my back and stay within my internal balance. Lu taught me a process which keeps me in control of what I allow to affect me. It is very powerful yet simple.

I feel so much more aware of everything and stronger mentally and physically. Like now I can begin the rest of my life with a positive outlook. It’s hard to put into words but you’ll know if you go see her, even for just one session…she will change your life for the better. You must believe and trust in changing your life because it helps. I highly recommend Lu to anyone looking to change their life for the better. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to do that? Negative Nancy I guess…but that’s no way to live. So go out there and see her ASAP!”

Hilary K. – Campbell, CA

“Lu Martinez has changed my life forever. Drawn to her through her insightful, simple yet informative website on a Google search, I knew connecting with Lu would be a life changer. I have had 2 face to face sessions with Lu – her Shaman Energy Healing Session and a Reconnective Healing Session – both simple and so profound. My personal relationships have shifted to a new level, my decisions and interactions at work have shifted to a new level. It is hard to explain unless you experience it.

I am thankful for the work I chose to embark upon with Lu and eternally thankful for her presence in my life. Lu has expanded my awareness to a whole new level. She has introduced me to ideas I never thought I was open to… Concepts and thoughts that I have never explored and at the same time she reminds me of all that I already know…. All who I already am. It’s simple, yet so complex. Lu has helped me find the light. My light. She has helped me rediscover what is best for me and my highest good. To let go. To forgive and to be present. To allow. To go downstream and to stop the forever upstream battle with life – be it work, weight, fear, relationships, etc.

My heart and soul have forever opened up to a new way of thinking, dreaming and living. Thank you Lu! You are a true healer… A gift from our Heavenly Father/Mother… A friend for this incarnation and many more to come. I am so honored that our souls have danced together.

Don’t vacillate contact her now!”

Carrie R. – San Jose, CA

“Lu finally helped me get free of something that plagued me for years. I had gone to many other healers including a medicine man. I was helped in many ways by them but what kept plaguing me persisted. Lu discovered two very heavy generational energy blocks that had been coming down my ancestral lineage for 100’s of years. One had to do with the belief that “I will always be in pain” and the other had to do with the belief that “God values you more when you are in struggle”. Well I am FREE from this now. I am now moving forward in my life and away from physical pain in a way that had not been possible. I still want to work with her on my personal relationships and have no doubt that this too will be transformed. You will love her simple and powerful methods. If you have never sought out this type of work, you will be fortunate to work with her as your first energetic healer”.

Genie A. – Brooklyn, NY

“I found Lu on an internet search. I live in India. Lu told me we could still do the Shaman energy work via a phone session. We figured out how to have the session with the 12 hour difference in time. I had a very interesting experience of my hand perspiring during our session. I could not get over it. My reasons for contacting Lu was for my slight depression, some health problems, family pressures, and my confusion about the direction of my business. All this was overwhelming and disturbing me.

It has been about 5 weeks since our session and I must say that I would never have known how I was going to feel in such a short time. My health problems have improved. My worries and depression do not live in me anymore. I feel very at peace but still very strong within me. Lu told me that this process helps you stand in your power. Now I know what she means. I studied the energy work of Reiki for many years, but this is very different. The pressures I felt from my family do not affect me as much. I can stand in my own identity. It is quite amazing. ”

Anmol R. – Culcutta, India