image002Inca Shamanic Energy Work

* Eliminate Limiting Beliefs, Patterns & Insecurities,
* Create A More Abundant Life,
* Shift Into A Space of Trust, Security and Happiness,
* Create More Supportive & Powerful Friendships & Relationships
* Make Wiser Decisions & Choices For Your Life
* Regain Your Vibrational Harmony (emotionally and mentally),
* Become Your Own Light Worker

There is no denying that we humans and the planet are in great flux.  It is a time that can be very confusing, frightening and unsettling.  However, it is also a time that has guided many of us to reflect on our lives and the choices we have made up until now.  It is a time in which some of us don’t want to continue in the same “rut”.  We don’t want to be making the same mistakes over and over again nor continue to live from the same internal or external fears.

This is where high vibrating energy type work comes in to align our “left brain” male energy with our “right brain” female energy to our Heart center.  From our Heart vibration point, light and intelligently filled “energy gifts” integrate at our cellular level and bring new types of “freeing” beliefs, higher intelligence and understandings into our awareness and consciousness. This opens us up to our fullest potential and unveils a myriad of new possibilities and wise choices for our lives.   We become open to what is for our “highest good” and in turn for the “highest good” of others.

I am sometimes asked why I offer Inca Shamanic based energy work since I perform Reconnective Healing. While Reconnective Healing is very powerful and resonates at a very high frequency, I have found that the subconscious, limiting beliefs and the ego can cause all types of resistance to change and to the “awakening” process.  This is where the Shamanic energy work comes in.  It opens up the flood gates for all other types of energy work to become more productive and effective. I have clients who previously utilized Reiki, acupuncture, other energy work and traditional talk therapy who were able to find additional balance and freedom from fears, judgments, limiting emotions and beliefs.


I have been trained, mentored and Certified by a very powerful Peruvian Shaman, Elena Radford, in the Principles of Inca Shamanism.  A Shaman mediates between the physical visible world and infinite and invisible non-physical worlds. Higher connections to Divine Light are made. Shamanism is very ancient and goes back to the very beginning of time. It is not a religion it is a way of understanding ourselves within the Universe. It is the ancient practice of reuniting all aspects of ourselves to “the One”. In its simplest form the Universe is pure Consciousness in the form of intelligent vibrational frequencies. It seems that our DNA and energy space (auras or electromagnetic field) can tap into this pure and powerful Consciousness for our highest good. However, we must first do the work of balancing our emotional, physical, mental and energetic bodies by removing lower vibrating fears, emotions, judgments, perceptions and/or beliefs that cause “energy blocks” to form.

These energy blocks can be so powerful and deep rooted that extraordinary methods are needed to resolve them. I accomplish this by guiding you through the following Shaman work:

    • Introducing & integrating into your energetic field Sacred Light and loved filled energies
    • Erasing and removing from your DNA and energy space painful emotions, traumas,
      limiting beliefs and distorted perceptions
    • Disconnecting from and releasing low vibrating Love Contracts between you and others which lead to returning to you energetically what was taken away from you
    • Balancing and merging your Divine female (yin) and male (yang) vibrations for a more “flowing” life experience and bringing forth your ability to create powerfully
    • Balancing the energy of giving and receiving within personal and business relationships
    • Replacing your “energy blocks” with high vibrating Light filled “energy gifts” which come directly from Divine sources and Higher Intelligence
    • Utilizing the power of forgiveness and understanding its karmic implications
    • Energetically balancing out the Chakras (light-body energy centers)


AND much more! This Shamanic practice that I trained in does not have many ritualistic preparations. Once the Sacred Space is open we are ready to begin the process of discovering the source of the disharmony and then requesting and receiving Light filled energy gifts for transformation.

Playlist of Youtube Shamanic Energy exchange series. The videos teach how to release low-vibrating beliefs/fears and receive in their place encoded Light Energy Gifts which contain Higher intelligence, instructions, clearings and much more. Cellular memory and low-vibrating fears are transformed:

– What is an energy block?

A block is an energy created by a lower level of consciousness and beliefs. It holds a lower frequency (separate from the frequency of Love) which can become a trapped energy pattern. Blocks are limiting beliefs, fears, traumas, judgments, insecurities, shame filled self-talk, etc. that taint our emotions and thoughts. Energy blocks can be created in this lifetime, exist at the Soul level (from previous incarnations) or be passed on at the genetic level (from ancestors). The recent studies on epigenetics seem to support this phenomenon. The research indicates that certain life circumstances can either cause genes to shut-down or express (be active). Epigenetics, essentially, affect how our genes are read by our cells and therefore this creates the corresponding biochemical reactions and body electrical impulses which affect many aspects of our being.

No matter how energy blocks are acquired they make it difficult to advance to a Higher consciousness/awareness and subsequently keep is in a vicious pattern and tied to old fears and myths. They stop us in many ways from personal productivity, limit our possibilities, and prevent us from creating new and powerful experiences that align to how we flow. They block us from being aware of choices that can be for our Highest good. The limiting beliefs and distorted perceptions do not allow us to make choices and decisions from the foundation of 100% current “reality”. Many of us are still being affected by past distorted emotions of guilt, shame, fear, regret, anger, sadness, pain and unworthiness. Subsequently, our tainted choices/decisions can bring about suffering, chaos and drama into our life.

As you learn how to release your limiting beliefs and blocks you will clear your emotional blockages and begin to experience internal peace, cohesiveness, emotional stability, clarity, pure power and joy. As distorted perceptions clear, you will open up to your Higher self and intuition. You will seek the positive and that which is filled with “light”. You will want what is for your highest good and seek to be true to your heart’s desires (not the desires of society, family or others). You will stand in your power without judgment or diminishing yourself in any way.

– What is an energy gift?

Energy medicine is based on the understanding that we each have a “luminous body,” an energy field where imprints of trauma, past and future disease, unresolved issues and other “dense energies” reside and can block our well-being.

An energy gift is an uncontaminated energy that comes from a Divine higher source (Creator or other loving beings) not from the Shaman.  Energy gifts have information and feelings for your highest good.  The purpose of receiving energy gifts is to remove the energy blocks, distorted perceptions and limiting beliefs that are embedded in your energy space and DNA.  They also clear the negative beliefs, fears and blocks of your ancestors and any past lives.  Through time, we have lost the true meaning of powerful love based feelings.  The energy gifts restore the pure meaning of life, such as unconditional love, integrity, pure power, and self expression.

The energy gift is received at a subconscious level and activated in your DNA and energy space by increasing your vibration whether you are aware of it or not.  It gives your DNA new instructions. As your body integrates these new high level instructions the alteration literally makes you feel like a “new” person. The old negative view points about yourself or others begin to dissipate and eventually disappear. Your limiting beliefs are shed. In time many health issues also improve because you are no longer carrying some of the energy that fed them and kept them in place.

When you totally commit and permit yourself to continue shifting and releasing that which does not serve you, in a short period of time, 3 months to 1 year (with 2 to 6 sessions within this time frame), you will transform much of what does not serve you. In time you will not recognize yourself. You will shift into Creating more powerful and fulfilling personal relationships, friendships, career, business transactions, overall abundance and much more.

Can the sessions be performed at a distance?

The Shaman energy work is equally effective when performed at a distance as it is in person. If you live outside of the area or it is difficult to come see me, please consider this option.

Can I pay to have a session performed on another person in need?

The Shaman energy work can be performed on any friend, family member or work associate. As long as their Higher Self gives me permission it is allowed (I check into this energetically). The person does not need to be made aware of it or they can know ahead of time. Since the Shamanic energy works at a deep subconscious level and at the molecular level, the results are excellent.

Sessions and Fees

You can expect your session to be up to 1.5 hours. I will ask you to come up with the top two (2) things you want to work on. It does not matter what they are. They can be related or non-related. The point is that you are ready to transform and clear these energetic low-vibrating creations and/or patterns. The fee for the Shamanic energy work is $99 and $89 if it is requested for another individual.  Adults and children with very traumatic lives can benefit greatly from this work.

Suggestion: It is best to keep two days following your session as appointment free as possible.  You may feel fatigued, irritable and/or moody.

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