Natural Antibiotic – Kill the Infectious Bacteria Yourself


silver-spoon1jpgA pattern that is very troubling to me is the ever-present use of anti-biotics on both children and adults without the proper follow-up to protect the person.  Multiple use of antibiotics set-up the body for further infection and illness.  This is due to the fact that along with killing all the “bad” microbes, antibiotics kill all the good bacteria, also known as “friendly flora”.  “Friendly flora” is an essential part of our immune system; much of these bacteria live in our gut.  It is estimated that we need about 3 pounds of this flora in our gut.  When our good bacteria are compromised “foreign” bacteria actually have an easier time multiplying and we tend to get more chronic and repeated infections.  For example, due to a couple of rounds of antibiotics the next cold someone gets may turn into bronchitis; it may not just simply stay a cold.  On top of bacteria having an easier time, yeast also begins to flourish in the body.

There is a medicine cabinet staple in my home that has allowed my family and me to stay away from conventional anti-biotics.  It is Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield, which is colloidal silver (20 parts per million)..

You may have heard of this product in recent news under negative reviews.  You recall the man that turned blue?  He utilized excessive amounts of colloidal silver and turned blue (argyria).  I’d like to clarify that he made his own colloidal silver and has been drinking multiple ounces per day for over 15 years.  I have utilized Silver Shield and have used it on my family for over 25 years.  I assure you none of us is blue.  But what has occurred is that the offending microbe is killed without the “friendly flora” being destroyed. The immune system and body defenses stay intact.

I and many clients have used Silver Shield (the only one I recommend) successfully on all the following health issues:

•    Ear infections (1 drop 3x per day)
•    Pink eye (1 drop in each eye 2x per day)
•    Colds (at the first sign, place a drop in each ear 2x per day until symptoms reverse)
•    Thrush (1/4 tsp on tongue 2x per day)
•    Clearing up red itchy bumps caused by Molluscum contagiosum virus
•    Nail infections (place colloidal silver on cotton and secure with band-aid)
•    Burns (reduces scarring as well)
•    Bladder infection (2 tsp per day for 5 days)
•    Bronchitis (3 tsp per day for 5 days)
•    Kidney infection (3 tsp per day for 5 days)
•    Recovery from surgery (wet sutured area; will aid in healing and prevent infection)
•    Gum disease (gingivitis) and cold sores


What makes Colloidal Silver so successful is the ionic charge that silver brings into the body.  The micro electrical (ionic) charge disables the particular enzyme that all one celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism, its chemical lung.  In the presence of silver, these pathogenic microbes suffocate.

It turns out that silver ions supplement and support the T-cells in fighting foreign organisms, almost forming a second immune system. In research done with AIDS, it appears that silver both protects and defends T-cells, and does their work for them.  Besides suffocating unwanted invaders, colloidal silver also helps injured tissues grow back. It has been useful in cases of severe burns and broken bones. It reduces scar tissue and helps severe cuts and wounds heal faster.


In ancient times pure silver vessels, plates and utensils were utilized by royalty and wealthy families because somehow they discovered that silver kept them healthier.  Have you heard of the saying “born with a silver spoon”?  Babies were literally given a silver spoon to suck on.  Silver based medicines were common and popular in the United States in the late 1800’s until the mid 1940’s, before the availability of modern antibiotics. Additionally, pure silver coins were placed in containers which contained milk or water to prevent quick spoilage.

Don’t hesitate to add this great product to your medicine cabinet. I recommend the Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield product. You can just google and find the various sites that sell it. I usually purchase the 16 oz size for my family of four.

I invite you to share your stories of successful recoveries.

** If a condition persists or worsens in 24 hours seek medical attention.

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