Freed from Depression, Overspending and Panic Attacks – Client Success Stories


Wellness ModelTo get esoteric from the get go, the 3rd dimensional experience we are so conscious of is not the ALL that exists. There are other dimensions, higher intelligence, higher information and higher truths which we have the birthright and ability to access and use for our Highest good. I have learned to access and request the assistance of these higher vibrating realms via a Shamanic process tied to the Inca Principles (teacher Shaman Elena Radford). The ability to unite and team up with these realms allows me to help shift the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical (when there is a resistance to get well) aspects of someone who is committed to evolve and return to vibrational harmony. For more information on the multidimensional energy gifts I utilize, click here for the PDF document.

Enjoy a sampler of successful client stories and allow the possibilities to come forth for you or a loved one.

Decades of Being Labeled with S.A.D. Syndrome

A woman, we’ll call Sara, sought out my help not only for physical symptoms but for emotional and psychological anguishes. One thing that plagued her was the constant sadness, moodiness and depression she suffered. These heavy feelings intensified on cloudy days and most evenings when the sun was setting. We had our first session and Sara came with her list of “wants” and “don’t wants”. We got through a few of her wants and don’t wants. We met 5 weeks later and she was happy to report that she had felt depressed and low for only three days and the heavy feelings began to get less intense as the weeks transpired. She regained an equilibrium in her nature, mood and attitude she had not experienced in years. Prior to contacting me, Sara had worked with a medicine woman. In a conversation with her, Sara revealed that her depression and sadness had lifted. The medicine woman had a revelation that in a past life Sara had a child that died from illness during a very cold, overcast and rainy time. Our work had transmuted/transformed the trauma filled energy that Sara was still connected to.

Man With Overspending Tendencies

A man, Jason, who was married with a young family came to see me because the discord between he and his wife was escalating due to his tendency to overspend. Intellectually he knew that his wife was correct in requesting he change this tendency, but he couldn’t seem to stop. I discovered that he held the energy of “I must receive more than I give.” The deeper connection linked to his dad. I asked him how he believed his dad played into this. Jason recounted how his dad never wanted to spend money. He wanted to save, save, save. This made the father feel safe and secure. However, the price paid by the family was that they had very little outside recreation and limited new material items. This extreme caused Jason at a young age to make a promise to himself; when he had his money he would never deprive himself and he also never wanted anyone else to have control of how much he could have or not have. We worked on balancing the energies of giving and receiving as well as transmuting the distorted energy still held deep within his subconscious. His fear has shifted enough to where he can feel okay if he needs to postpone his material self-gratification.

Young Woman with Panic Attacks and Anxiety

A young woman in her late 20’s was referred to me. She had a history of abusive relationships. Recently, she had been experiencing more recurrent panic attacks than usual. As we delved deeper into the source of her panic attacks via an exercise I utilize, she discovered that due to her father’s infidelities and eventual separation from her mother, she carried a very deep belief that she was replaceable. The reason for her increased panic attacks were tied to the very real potential that she and her current live-in boyfriend were on very shaky ground. He had begun to drink more heavily and was increasing in his abusive behavior. The fear of being replaced manifested itself in panic attacks and intense anxiety. We did a lot of Shamanic work around this and released her from this fear. After two more sessions she felt valuable enough and safe enough to muster up the courage to leave her boyfriend.

OWN your Happiness and Power and open yourself up to alternative options. I am dedicated to guiding you to vibrational harmony in all aspects of your life.

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    Like in the case of the young woman with panic attacks, the painful ordeal coming from a broken family greatly influenced unconscious mental behavior.

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