Food “Allergies” Can Be Reversed!


FoodsThere is a current phenomenon of many people eliminating foods from their diet because of a negative reaction to that food.  The most known food culprits are dairy (lactose intolerance) and wheat (gluten intolerance).  Many children react in very dramatic ways (anger, irritability, lack of concentration, asthma attack) when they have a reaction to certain foods.   Adults can feel irritable, have digestive issues, diarrhea, headaches, nasal congestion or “foggy” mind.  What I have discovered in working with different clients who have food “allergies” is that they are truly not allergic to the food; it is that their body lacks certain nutrients which do not allow it to break down food properly.  Therefore, the food becomes toxic-like.  There are cases where there is something defective in the small intestine which causes food breakdown issues, but in about 80% of the cases this is not it.

Through the work of a Naturopathic Doctor named Donald Lepore and his book, The Ultimate Healing System, I discovered that a “recipe” of certain nutrients are needed by our body to breakdown and properly absorb dairy, wheat, corn, rice, fats, citrus, peppers, yeast and many other foods which are a sub-set of these groups.  So for instance, if someone has some wheat bread or crackers, Dr. Lepore discovered that the body needs adequate amounts of essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3 along with vitamins B1 and B6.  The mineral magnesium and the amino acid histidine are also needed to breakdown wheat.  Therefore, if any or a combination of these nutrients are depleted in our body we have a negative reaction to wheat.  We may also exhibit problems with airborne allergens, dust, dog or cat dander, detergents, wool or feathers when we have sensitivity to wheat.

Likewise, when yeast growth (fungus) has proliferated in our body and it is due to either a zinc, B6, B1, lysine deficiency or a combination there of.  Also a need for increased gut bacteria (full-spectrum probiotics) may be needed.  When yeast is too high, potatoes, walnuts and cherries become very difficult for the body to process.  Also, the eating of these foods can increase the yeast growth.

The chart below details a variety of foods that our body will not process properly if we are moderately to severely deficient in any of the nutrients listed.  It usually takes about 8-16 weeks to totally correct most food sensitivities.  The longer you have had the problem the longer the deficient nutrients take to elevate and stop the sensitivity.  Most of the nutrients that are deficient need to be ingested at therapeutic levels.  This means usually 2-5 times higher than the recommended daily amounts.  In my health analysis I discover the correct amount.  Thereafter, once a  month, I adjust the amounts down until the nutrient is at its correct level.

Besides Dr. Lepore’s discoveries, I have also become aware of the importance for the master antioxidants Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid. They are also very important in detoxifying the body from many acids our bodies create. Glutathione works mainly in the gut and also helps process many of our nutrients. When either Glutathione or Alpha Lipoic acid are low many foods, especially all types of grains, become very difficult to process. Symptoms can range from skin issues, intestinal issues, brain fog, fatigue to joint pain. Having taken many pain killers in your past can create a Glutathione deficiency. Glutathione must be taken in a form that does not breakdown in the stomach. There are products that are sustained release so that most of the nutrient can reach the large intestine in which it is the most effective. It can take up to a year to get Glutathione levels to its optimum level.

Food Allergens and Their Neutralizing Nutritional Antidotes (only deficient ones need to be taken)




Amino Acids


Yeast Series:
* Barley
* Cherries
* Millet
* Potatoes
* Prunes
* Rye
* Walnuts

Thiamine (B1)
Pyridoxin (B6)



Pau D’Arco
Red Clover
Comfrey (high in Lysine)


Rice Series:
* Blueberries
* Cinnamon
* Curry
* Grapes
* Pumpkin
* Wine

Pyrdoxine (B6)

Methylcobalamin B12



Red Beet Root

Wheat Series:

* Cat & Dog Dander
* Detergents
* Dust
* Feathers
* Wool

Essential Fatty Acids:

Omega-6, Omega-3

Vitamin F

B1, B6




Black Walnut

* Corn

Essential Fatty Acids




Black Walnut
Bee Pollen

Fat Series:
* Cosmetics
* Meat Fats
* Milk Fats
* Vegetables

Biotin, Inositol, Choline




* Oatmeal
* Sesame

Folate,   Methylcobalamin  B12,

Vitamin C



Yellow Dock

* Milk (Cheese)

Vit. D



Bee Pollen
Hawthorn Berries

* Citrus

Pantothenic Acid  (B5)



Royal Jelly

Peppers Series:


Niacinamide (B3)



Royal Jelly

I have helped countless of clients overcome wheat, corn, dairy, citrus, fat and yeast category sensitivities by discovering their nutritional deficiencies.  Many years ago I worked with a male client who would have sneezing attacks which lasted about 20 minutes. There was no pattern to when he would have the sneezing attacks.   After a health analysis, we discovered he was moderately deficient in magnesium and extremely deficient in B6 and essential fatty acids which caused his body to have a very difficult time in processing wheat (gluten).   He also suffered from extreme airborne allergies all year long.   I recommended he limit or stop his intake of wheat for about 6-8 weeks until the depleted nutrients were elevated.  On one occasion he ate some wheat crackers and his sneezing began.  Lo and behold we discovered the root of his sneezing attacks!  I am happy to report that he can now eat wheat products, the sneezing attacks have stopped and his extreme hay fever symptoms are gone; this recovery occurred in about 4 months.

These experiences make it very clear to me that our body is a well oiled machine and that every bio-chemical reaction is so important for optimum health.  A car would not perform well without the proper amount of gas, oil and water in the radiator.  Likewise proper levels of nutrients allow us to perform at our optimum level.


31 Responses to “Food “Allergies” Can Be Reversed!”

  1. 1 mehdi

    Hello, i read that tinnitus in the right ear may be due to a wheat allergy and a defficiency in vitamin f and magnesium and histidine…..
    I have tinnitus in the right ear, so i would like to know if you already helped someone to cure his tinnitus and which program do you recommend ( which form of magnesium supplements, eating more proteins for examples and taking more safflower oil, does that can be a treatment ?? )

  2. 2 Lu Martinez

    Dear Mehdi, yes I have helped a handful of clients with tinnitus (ringing) in their right ear. In all cases they were deficient in magnesium. I suggest 1000 mg of magnesium per day for 10 days and then drop down to 500 mg per day for another 4-6 weeks. Ringing should completely go away within 4-6 weeks. Also, I had a couple of clients with ringing in their left ear and that was due to deficient manganese. I use the yucca her which is high in manganese for this deficiency.

    The magnesium that I have utilized is the kind you can find in any good health food store. The key are the amounts. With higher magnesium levels stools can get softer. Or if a person tended to have constipation issues they will notice that the magnesium shifts that condition for them.

    Vitamin F (found in safflower oil and corn oil) are great in improving hayfever symptoms. Other deficiencies that can cause hay fever are omega-3 and omega-6. I have also found some clients low in B-6 and magnesium which also exhibit hayfever symptoms. Basically it can be a combination of these nutrients or one that is very deficient.

    I hope this is helpful.

  3. 3 Ryan

    Hi Lu,

    I have had sneezing attacks over the past year or so; mostly at night. I think we have nailed it down to something with yeast, as it tends to flair up when I am drinking beer or wine. I have cut these and breads almost completely out of my diet for the past few months, but every time I try even a little beer my nose flairs up again.
    I would really like to get back to living a normal life where I can go have a beer with the guys, and I hope your advice can help. Can you please recommend something that may help me beat this?



  4. 4 Lu Martinez

    Hi sorry to hear of your chronic sneezing. If you haven’t already tried it for the time I suggest, I highly recommend that you take a pro-biotic which has the array of good bacteria like lactobacillus, acidophilus, bifidus…etc. It is important to take for at least 4-6 weeks. It seems that your yeast levels, which we all have, are extremely high. I suggest taking 4 capsules per day (can take all at one time) for 1 month and another 2 capsules per day for 1 more month. It is important to take on an EMPTY stomach so that the digestive fluids do not kill the live bacteria.

    It is very important that at least for six weeks after you begin to take the probiotics you stay away from high sugar foods/treats, beer, any potato food, walnuts and rye bread. These increase the yeast. Some of my clients have had respiratory issues when their yeast is high.

    You currently may get cravings for sweets or high carb breads…the yeast gives you the cravings because it multiples with sweets, carbs and any yeast containing product.

    Besides your annoying sneezing attacks, the following is a list of other symptoms seen in people with chronic yeast overgrowth:

    General Symptoms
    Fatigue and a sense of being “ill” and “drained” are the dominant symptoms. These are often accompanied by irritability, difficulty in concentration, and vague feelings of being “spaced-out.” Excessive lethargy may lead to a sense of drowsiness.

    Musculoskeletal Symptoms
    Vague muscle aches, muscular weakness, pain with or without swelling in multiple joints, and tightness in chest wall.

    Gastrointestinal Symptoms
    Abdominal cramps, bloating, excessive belching, abdominal distention, constipation with bouts of diarrhea, excessive mucus in stool and rectal itching.

    Ear, Nose, and Eye Symptoms
    Sore throat or scratchiness in throat, dry mouth, white coating on tongue and in other areas of mouth (thrush), bad breath, nasal itching, congestion and drip, recurrent sore throats, recurrent episodes of cough or bronchitis, asthma symptoms, recurrent infections or fluid in the ears, itchiness, burning or tears in eyes, and difficulty with hearing.

    Get back to me in about 3 weeks and let me know how you are doing.

  5. 5 Adrian williams

    I have had a serious reaction to B12 (cyanocobalamin). Two months ago I seemed to have the symptoms of B12 deficiency, so I took 1,200 mcg for three weeks. It may me feel so much better. After three weeks, I started to get an allergic reaction so I stopped taking. After about three days I took an NSAID, Ibuprofen. It gave me serious tinnitus for two weeks. This calmed down but I then got a chest infection. I took antibiotics for seven days, after that the tinnitus has gone back to previous levels. I also now seem to be very sensitive to many foods. Have you any advice you can give me. The tinnitus is really unpleasant.

  6. 6 Lu Martinez

    Hi Adrian…it is very difficult for me to guide you to the fullest capacity I can without a comprehensive health analysis.

    However, on the tinnitus, if the ringing is in the left ear then the odds are high that the mineral manganese may be very low. If so, it would be best to lower consumption or stay away from the following foods until the manganese has been elevated for at least 8 weeks – Rice, curry, cinnamon, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, watermelon, pumpkin and wine. Manganese is needed to break down these foods. If you suffer from joint issues like carpal tunnel this will also help.

    You can start with 8-10mg per day for 1 month then drop to 3-5mg for another 2 months. Give yourself at least 2 months to see best results.

    If the ringing is in the right ear then the odds are magnesium is low. Muscle spasms and constipation and nervousness can also be present when low. Issues with corn or wheat also arise.

    Consider making an appt. for a more comprehensive analysis…meanwhile I wish you the well.

  7. 7 wendy

    i have had tinnitus for about began after i got sick with vertigo..then a flu with sore throat..turned to a cold i couldnt hear out of right ear..when cold went i began having ringing..i am a vegan..with mitral valve prolapse.i started taking magnesium before..and it really quieted my heart palpatations..then i fell off track..
    i was going to take unda numbers for this..i had a tooth pulled a few months ago and then it all began..ears full..sinus congestion(which i have never had)
    sick of feeling crummy..should i take b12 as well as the magnesium..
    just want to feel tired..ringing nonstop…and just blah

    thanks wendi

  8. 8 Lu Martinez

    Dear Wendi, there is so much that seems to be cycling through you and things that keep triggering your symptoms. In order for me to guide you properly I suggest a private consultation.

    I need to check your flora levels, thymus gland, your liver resonance, your potassium and other minerals as well as your amino acids. I hope you are willing to go this route for a more comprehensive analysis.

    Please contact me at either 408-732-3288 or email me at

    Wishing you a permanent recovery!

  9. 9 kathleen schintgen

    Hi my son has a serious issue with pressure in the ear. It can get bad at times. He has been to many specialist who havent helped. He gets ringing also but it is the pressure in his eustachian tubes that really drives him crazy Any thoughts or help would be greatly apreciated thankyou kathy

  10. 10 Lu Martinez

    Hi Kathy. Firstly, how old is your son? Is the pressure/ringing mostly in the right ear? Have you also looked into any wax cleaning of the ear?

    Does he sometimes have constipation or complain of muscle cramps too?

    I would have your son take 1000 mg of chelated magnesium for 2 weeks then drop to 500 mg for 4 weeks and 250mg for another 4 weeks. If he is too young to swallow, there is a powder form of magnesium called “calm” I believe. Have him take 750mg of this for 4 weeks then drop by 250mg every 4 weeks.

    If stools become too loose while taking the magnesium just drop the dosage.

    I will also suggest that he stay off wheat based bread, cereals and crackers. If he is very low in magnesium the body has a very difficult time processing wheat. This can aggravate and exacerbate his ear condition.

    Without doing a more thorough health analysis I don’t know if this is all that is off on your son. Once you start the magnesium in 2-3 weeks there should be slight improvement. If no improvement at all then that tells me that it was not the magnesium that was off. But, I believe this is a high probability.

  11. 11 Lucy


    my 6 months old baby suffers from dairy allergy. She has been exclusively breastfed up until now.We have now started introducing solids (mainly chicken broth, vegetables, fruit). The first time I found out she was allergic to dairy was when I had eaten a creme caramel at a brithday party (she was about 6 weeks of age). The next day my baby had her first major flare up on her face. When I took dairy out of my diet, the flare up together with overly dry skin disappeared completely.

    After that whenever I ate something with dairy in it, she would flare up again. I therefore took all dairy out of my diet which seems to be the only way to control this, however I realise that this is not a solution.

    I have always tried to eat healthy and include nutritious food into my diet incl. lots of healthy fats, therefore I am unsure if her reaction could be due to a nutrient deficiency? Please help.

    Many thanks.


  12. 12 Lu Martinez

    Dear Lucy, I truly do not want to advise you on how we can support your baby without a formal consultation. I need to connect to the electro-magnetic field of your daughter so that I can be directed to offer the correct nutritional support. Please contact me for a consultation.

  13. 13 Jill

    I just wanted to thank you for this post.

    The following might come in handy to some.
    My food sensitivities, neurological, muscular and cardiovascular issues started back in 2011. Since then I embarked on a journey to find out the root cause of my illnesses. I met many doctors and adopted many different diets. I suspected leaky gut, candida, histamine intolerance, gluten intolerance yet none of them solved the problem. During this time or rather from the beginning, so in 2011, I suspected vitamin and mineral deficiencies but every doctor I met simply didn’t want to test me for these. Irony of fate, I took the matter into my own hands at last. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I was right from the beginning. Now I’m 21 and the end is finally in sight and I don’t know how to put my excitement and happiness into words.

    I’d like to recommend anyone who suspects leaky gut, ibs, or any kind of sensitivity, allergy or intolerance to first of all test for vitamins and minerals. And check twice and thoroughly if values are optimal or not because doctors will tell you that you do not lack in magnesium or vitamin d, for example, although you do because they have no clue about optimal values.

  14. 14 yvonne sjogren

    I have a problem with both chocolate, which causes severe panic attacks and coffee which causes anxiety..I do avoid both…is there a nutritional connection with these two things that would allow me to at least have chocolate…

  15. 15 Lu Martinez

    Hi Yvonne…if you are having “over reactions” to chocolate and coffee, it could be because your adrenal glands are already over stimulated and these foods stimulate them more. Please read the following article

    What I suggest is that you take 2 passion flower capsules a day (for the next 6-8 weeks) and see if you not only get deeper sleep but you feel more energized and have better focus and concentration and have less nervous energy. After 8 weeks of passion flower try a little chocolate one day and some coffee another day. See how you do.

    If you continue to have symptoms that don’t subside, please consider having a personal health analysis. The initial one lasts from 75 to 90 minutes and is $75. Any follow-up are $40.

    I hope this is helpful.

  16. 16 Sus

    What a great article. What to do when I have almost every kind of allergies mentioned in the
    The article ?

  17. 17 Lu Martinez

    Hi Sus. You would need to contact me for an appointment because guessing will not benefit you. I utilize your body’s wisdom and electromagnetic fields to figure out what may be the root cause(s) for your food sensitivities. An initial session lasts about 90 minutes. I have sessions via phone or skype (skype for international clients) when the client is not local to San Jose, CA. Let me know if you would like to schedule and appointment. I wish you well.

  18. 18 Noodnutt

    G’day Lu

    I am and have been coeliac for many years now after being diagnosed via both blood test & Gastroscope detecting my vili were albut none-existent.

    I have suffered very loud Tinitis in my right ear and a hint in my left ear almost similtaneos timeline when initially diagnosed, along with eye twitching, muscle spasms and wandering leg “night leg spasms” and foot cramping.

    I had been taking a Magnesium suppliment until just this morning when my wife was watching a program that stated Coeliac’s should not take them. Need to find out the validity of this and or find another way of getting enough to top me up.

    I also have an excessive yeast level which means I use topical anti-fungal creams to control foot and crotch tinea.

    Essentially, due to my auto-immune condition Any and all conditions that mildly effect others I get all in spades.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not looking for tea & sympathy as I have lived with this for so long now it is now normal for me but that does not mean I wouldn’t like to lead a better life.


  19. 19 Taube John Becker

    Lu ,what is it about the rice group ? Are these items high in salicylates?

    Can you explain which enzyme it is that manganese supports that helps break down the offending substance in these foods ?

    Thank you

  20. 20 Sam


    I just started to eat rice again and after couple of days started to get acne on my face. Can I still continue to eat rice and supplement b6,b12 and manganese and eventually get this rice intolerance taken care off?

    Best, Sam.

  21. 21 Grace Flower

    HELLO!! My son (13) has had allergies, asthma, depression, anxiety, panic attacks,bad behavioral issues, trouble with anger, tantrums, moodiness and hypersensitivity to medication. He has sensitivity to salicylates (honey, aspirin, most fruits and veggies and almost all spices) as well as preservatives, sulfur on his skin, sulfitesin food and dyes. If we cut ALL of that out he was better, no weird rashes, no unpredictable moods but he was very unhappy with the diet and not happy in general. I have been experimenting with amino acids, supplements and minerals (Up till now, I have given up on finding a Dr. who knew what to do…we have seen numerous specialists who call my son a puzzle) and we finally have an answer! He takes B vitamins, Molybdenum, liquid zinc, manganese, epsom salts baths twice a day (for the magnesium sulfate), the amino acid glycine (to help his liver function at it’s best) and unflavored Pedialyte (I think it’s the potassium because he already gets zinc and magnesium or maybe they weren’t a high enough dose?). He is doing so great! He has been able to eat real pizza and strawberries again. Most importantly to me, he is really and truely happy (on the plus side his allergy shiners under his eyes went away the 1st day he had Pedialyte). I am going slowly so we don’t overwhelm him but it is amazing. He felt that he would have to live on the restrictive diet his whole life and now we have hope.

  22. 22 Lu Martinez

    Dear Grace, how wonderful that with certain nutrients you have seen a great improvement in your child. Your love for him and persistence in finding antidotes for a condition you and he felt were unacceptable to accept for the rest of his life, helped you make the discovery of certain nutrients to change his biology and get results.

    Thank you for sharing.

  23. 23 Zylla Green

    Hello there,
    I have developed severe eczema & not trusting the doctor cos of misdiagnosis and got worst. I’m trying all sorts of natural remedies but its still bad. What sort of vitamin and mineral deficiencies do you think I have? Can you please enlighten me & recommend me any of this vitamins & minerals that I should be taking, how much and how long do I have to take it. Thanks so much.

  24. 24 Jasmine

    Hi Lu,

    I have been diagnosed with moderate intolerances to yeast, gluten and corn, this was three years ago,I find it impossible to find foods to eat to put together to make a meal as most gluten alternatives use corn derivatives in them and because of the yeast/ candida pretty much everything is off the menu because of the sugars. I even react to quinoa. This was the only grain I would eat 2-3 times a week.

    Over the years I have developed more symptoms, some are a permanent part of daily life and are very disruptive and affect every area of my life. I am at a loss as to how I am meant to live. Symptoms vary so much to those that I suffer with daily to others such as collapsing/ hyperventilating which is a new symptom, over the last 18 months, that occurs every good few months. The symptoms are seemingly very random and really vary.

    I take saccharomyces boulardii which has stopped the stomach pain I used to suffer with which would sometimes make me feel faint. I have tried different probiotics, different mixes of strains, different brands, which have had no affect on me.

    Thank you in advance

  25. 25 Anna

    Hi Lu,
    I suffer from acne, eczema, hay fever and dry skin. After a VEGA test it came out that chocolate, coffee, dairy (cheese), pork, orange, cloves, sugar, bread (but not sourdough bread) and tofu/soy milk flair my acne up. When I eat raw stone fruits and raw almonds and hazelnuts my troat and lips swell up. I’ve been told this is linked with the hayfever. I can eat them heated without a problem.
    I had another test which showed I wasn’t absorbing B6, was low in essential fats (even though I supplement with algae omega3 daily) and vit D, and that my liver didn’t function fully. I’ve been taking a B vitamin supplement and vit D for more then 3 months now, increased my fats with daily freshly grind flaxseeds, chia seeds and walnuts. I also took a liver detox supplement for three months. I was told at the time that doing this for three months should allow me to cure all the food sensitivities. It’s been 5 months now and I still take the B and D vitamins, plus omega 3. My acne has improved a lot but isn’t completely gone and I still get flair ups when I eat the foods listed. My skin is less dry but still not the way it should be. The eczema is still there as well.
    My question is if I have to continue what I’m doing and be more patient or do I have to change something? I would love to be able to drink and eat everything again.
    Thank you.

  26. 26 Kirsty

    My son is 2.5 years old and seems to get reflux/coughing at night when he eats wheat or if I eat wheat and breastfed. He also starts rubbing his right ear when this happens. Its horrible as we avoid wheat/gluten but every so often something will sneak in and set him off and I feel powerless to help him and noone gets any sleep that night (or for a few nights after). Due to his age its impossible to get him to take supplements but I could take some…. is magnesium and b-complex what I should look for? And how long after starting the supps would it take to get his levels up to where he can try something again. Thanks

  27. 27 MariaV

    My daughter 5 years old, reacted to coconut oil when I put it on her face, she got tiny pimple like bumps around her mouth and nose and then later went down her chest and back. But also that day she had lots of garlic ( I had put in her soup and she loved it). I’m waiting for results from an Igg test to see what she is sensitive to. She also gets a cold every single month ever since she was a year old.
    She was breast fed til 2, and not vaccinated
    Any suggestions?? Thank you!!

  28. 28 Richard Underwood

    Dr. Martinez,
    I found I don’t digest fats well. When I eat them, it makes my stools quite foul. When I don’t eat them, my stools don’t really smell like anything. In regards to the fat series supplementation, for the last 6 weeks I’ve taken: Biotin, L-Histidine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, L-Lysine, and Dandelion root tea. I just realized now, I didn’t cut out fats for that amount of time. I’m wondering, do I need to take every single listed amino acid, vitamin, mineral, and herb, while also cutting out virtually all fats, in order to fix this problem, or is there a less-exhaustive way to healing.

    In health,

  29. 29 Riley-Payton Priddle


    I have anaphylactic allergies to all of the foods in the death nightshade family: tomato, potatoe, eggplant, all peppers like bell and cayenne, tobacco, peanuts, and shellfish. I am very interested in reversing these. I have not had them all of my life; I first developed severe asthma about 8-9 years ago and would experience random leg swelling. I went to a doctor who suspected food allergies and tested for this. Sure enough, my asthma, swelling, general discomfort, etc were caused by these allergies. What would you recommend to get rid of these? I supplement with homemade milk and water kefir and magnesium currently. I have seen much improvement in my health but still haven’t gotten rid of my allergies completely. Thank you in advance.

  30. 30 Lori

    Left ear ringing every day, loud at times. Ear closed and pressure at times. Rash on abdomen. I stay away from dairy as I had a reaction to cheese in the past. Been gluten free lately but nothing seems to touch it. I have been to an ENT. Said it could be Meniere’s disease and to go to a low salt diet, 1200mg/day. Didn’t do anything. Had an MRI, nothing there. Put me on a diuretic, no change. Still a rash on abdomen. Am already taking 500mg/day of magnesium. I know I can’t continue to live like this, afraid to eat anything and nothing working…..Can you help please?

  31. 31 Nana

    Hello. I’m currently suffering from a chicken/egg/turkey/duck allergy that came out of nowhere. I’ve tried eating all of them and they produce the same symptoms. First my head and mouth tingle and my tongue feels strange. Then I get slurred speech and it’s hard to think straight. Afterwards I’m severely cold and weak and have trouble walking. I take charcoal, tumeric, bromelain, and cell salt #3 right after it happens. I can’t seem to find any thing on the internet that will give me an idea of how to fix these specific meat allergies, and I can’t afford to go see any kind of specialist. I have other allergies as well: cantaloupe, peanuts, strawberries, ragweed, and salmon. But none of those are as debilitating as my bird allergy. Any kind of insight and help on the matter would be deeply appreciated.

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