The Consequences of Not Trusting Intuition


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Intuition, gut feel, instinct, thoughts or feelings of warning all fall within the same category. I am constantly vigilant on not dismissing feelings or thoughts that can keep my life flowing and keep me away from “drama”. I still don’t follow through 100%, but I do it more often than in the past. I would like to share some stories which reaffirm the need to “fully trust” and follow through and not doubt in gut feels, thoughts or intuition.

The Twisted Ankle
My husband’s friend has parents who own a cabin in the woods about 2 hours from our home. The parents do not usually allow anyone but family to use the cabin but they made an exception for us one weekend. It was going to be a beautiful weekend and we were looking forward to some fun family time. Three days before the trip my eldest daughter stepped down into our living room from our kitchen and moderately twisted her ankle. I thought “great, right before our trip”. Since we were thinking of visiting an underground cabin that weekend we had to abandon that idea. We thought that we could at least go up and relax at the cabin and enjoy the ambiance. However, something kept me thinking about the timing of her twisting her ankle. She had never twisted an ankle. So I dropped into my heart (separated from the left brain) and asked if it was okay to take the trip to the cabin and I felt the energy of a “no”. After asking a couple of more times to confirm I finally resigned to the guidance and I told my husband we should not go. I just had to trust.

The following week my husband’s friend told him that it was a good thing we did not go to the cabin because a very large tree had snapped in half and it fell on top of a portion of the deck where there is usually patio furniture. Whoa, one of us could have been badly injured or worse killed!

The Cab Ride and The Forgotten Lipstick
A client who lives in New York city was out late one evening. She is an excellent singer/songwriter and often performs in clubs. One evening she was very tired and did not want to get onto a subway train so she decided to hail a taxi. As she was hailing the taxi she felt a premonition. She felt she shouldn’t get into the taxi. Because she was exhausted she dismissed the uneasiness and got into the cab. Minutes later the cab was in an accident. She was not badly injured but she spent the next few hours in the emergency ward. She had no rest there for sure! When she relayed the story to me I suggested that she could have dismissed that taxi and taken the next one. It was the timing of that particular one which was going to get into the accident.

This same client has her and her boyfriend’s clothes laundered. One day as she was preparing their clothes to take to the laundry place, she had the thought “check the pockets”. She was about to do it but she dismissed the thought and felt there was no need to check the pockets and didn’t want to take the time to do it. The clothes was laundered and many of her clothes were ruined by a red lipstick that had been in her boyfriend’s jean pocket. She had forgotten that one evening they went out she did not want to take her purse and asked him to put her lipstick in his pocket. She was so angry with herself because there had been some knew jeans and blouses in the mix.

The Chain and Lock Sat In The Truck
We use the services of a landscaper to keep our front and back yards manicured. Recently I saw him and asked him how he was. He stated he was having a lousy day. I asked why and he told me that on his first job early in the day equipment he purchased about 3 weeks prior had been stolen. Six hundred dollars worth! That morning he had bought a very large chain to lock up all his equipment because he said he had been thinking about it for a few days. He had not followed through in locking up his equipment at the first job because it was a location he had gone to for the past 10 years and theft had never occurred. He basically made that excuse to himself to not take the time to lock up. He was angry with himself. I empathized with him and told him that it is so important to complete the cycle of our gut feel or intuition.


We all can relate to some degree to these stories. The ultimate message is to trust in the Higher feelings and guidance. We don’t need to understand why we are getting these “nudges”. thoughts or synchronicities. In my case I kept returning to the oddity (synchronicity) of my daughter twisting her ankle for the first time prior to our trip which was going to require a lot of walking. Plus, securing a beautiful cabin that non-family rarely get to use.

In the case of my client if she would have taken the second cab she may have witnessed the first taxi in an accident and understood why she needed to let that cab go. Additionally, if our landscaper would have locked up his equipment he would have never known that thieves had eyed his equipment because they would have just bypassed his truck. However, the thieves gave him a lesson on why he needs to follow through with his intuition.

We just need to trust that the Higher realms and Spirit know what is about to occur and also know the intentions of people.

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