All is wellSynchronicity are events that are meaningful coincidences but cannot be explained by just “chance”. They lead to an outcome that in most cases could not have been consciously planned.

Recently, I had come out of my home to get into my vehicle to go grocery shopping. As I approached my car, my next door neighbor was taking a box out of her car that contained two kitten. She asked if I had a minute and began to share with me how two kittens had appeared at her door step. She had noticed them a day before on her front door camera. When she opened the door the kittens ran into her house. She took them to a facility to have them checked for a chip. There was no chip. She was told that they were approximately 5 to 6 months old. She was going to get the word out and wait one week to see if anyone claimed them, if not she would probably adopt them.

I left for my shopping. Five minutes into my shopping, at a large warehouse store, I ran into another neighbor that I usually exchange salutations and quick pleasantries. She was with her daughter. I had never come across them outside of our neighborhood. In conversation she proceeds to tell me that two days previous they had lost two kittens. They were planning to go to the animal shelter to see if anyone had turned them in. Well you can guess my response to this revelation. I texted the first neighbor I ran into and let her know that this other neighbor would be coming by to pick up the kittens.

Had I come out of the house at a time that I would not have seen my neighbor with the lost kittens, I would have never been able to assist my second neighbor. However, I could only help out my neighbor if I became aware they had lost two kittens. So how “incredible” was it that in the big box warehouse store we encountered each other. I have experienced other synchronicities and have become aware of other people’s synchronicity experiences. You may also have had some amazing synchronicities occur.

With this current experience my trust is renewed in the unseen realm of Higher Intelligence. How that realm can provide support and direction to all of us in ways that our rational and analytical mind can not. Source, the Universe, Divine Intelligence, etc., is beyond space and time. When I allow this truth to settle it gives me a sense of peace and safety. I stay aware that I have a Spirit team. That sets well within me.

before pic According to the CDC “Molluscum contagiosum is an infection caused by a poxvirus (molluscum contagiosum virus). The result of the infection is usually a benign, mild skin disease characterized by lesions (growths) that may appear anywhere on the body. Within 6-12 months, Molluscum contagiosum typically resolves without scarring but may take as long as 4 years.”

These lesions, tend to be small, raised, and usually white, pink, or flesh-colored with a dimple or pit in the center. They can become itchy, sore, red, and/or swollen. They may occur anywhere on the body including on the face, neck, arms, legs, abdomen, and genital area, alone or in groups.

I recently had a client that I’ve known for over 10 years contact me regarding her grandson. Apparently, he had been diagnosed with Molluscum contagiosum on his neck two months prior. The doctor’s had told the mother that they could not do anything for her son. The virus would have to go through its course and that it would eventually resolve itself. The child was in kindergarten and other children had begun to tease him. All this was unacceptable to his grandma.

When my client contacted me to see if I could help, I was not sure I could because I had never had the opportunity to help someone with the Molluscum contagiosum virus. I suggested to use a small spray bottle with colloidal silver and spray it on the affected area twice a day (I recommended Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield colloidal silver). Additionally, I suggested the child take 1 tsp. of colloidal silver per day. Colloidal silver is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral alternative. For more information about colloidal silver go to this article I wrote: Natural Antibiotic

The mother was diligent and a month later my client sent me the following pictures. I applaud grandma and mom for their desire to seek out an alternative to help this child heal.

Prior to treatment (above picture is the same child):
before pic

After treatment:
after pic with colloidal silver treatment

Seek truth via Heart “It’s happening FOR me, not to me” is a mantra I have committed myself to live by. In many of my sessions with clients, the opportunity to share this mantra comes up because it is so easy to get caught up in the drama of a situation and feel like a victim. However, in my opinion, there truly is no such thing as being a victim. Everything is just an experience that can lead to insights and opportunities to create internal transformation if one “trusts” that many circumstances or consequences happen for the Highest good.

The times that I have allowed myself to trust in this mantra, it leads me to discover how I may have gone against my intuition or how I succumbed to fear just for fear’s sake that consequently led to a decision or choice that I later regretted. I love to witness growth and internal discoveries that occur for my clients. Clients that have made a conscious commitment to challenge and transform old fears and distorted stories they tell themselves are the ones having accelerated healing and experiencing more internal peace and joy.

Recently, I had a client, Debbie, that contacted me because she became very disgusted, irritated and upset by the actions of her immediate manager and HR manager, Monica. By accident a message went out to multiple people from the HR manager when it was only meant to go out to another manager. In the message the HR manager had been found out that she was playing both sides and not truly desiring to address a problem that Debbie and a co-worker had discussed with her. Monica was basically planning to somewhat throw them under the bus.

Debbie had decided not to go into work the following day and called me to help her deal with the emotional upheaval this experience had brought about within her. I firstly addressed the discovery she made about the lack of integrity Monica had and that it was a blessing to know the truth about her character. Then I asked her if she could recall what she told herself when she discovered this betrayal. Debbie said that she wanted to come up with a reason of why this HR manager was not supporting them and not seeking some type of beneficial resolution.

Debbie came to the conclusion that it was because she and her friend were women of color and that their needs were not as important or worthy as Debbie’s manager who was Anglo. I then challenged Debbie and told her that I could energetically test to see if her conclusion was true. Would she like to know if it was correct? She said sure and when I checked to see if her conclusion aligned to the root of Monica’s actions, it did not match.

I asked her what story she had told herself that made her come up with this conclusion. After a minute, she said “Oh my, I just remembered that my mom would tell me that because I was a woman and biracial I would always have people treat me in an unjust way and that I had to be careful and know that this was going to be a reality in my life.” Bingo. In that moment, she mentioned she was feeling emotional recalling this. We then did the Shamanic energy gifts exchange process that I utilize to transform low-vibrating beliefs. Debbie could feel some energy moving around in her stomach and heart area. I was so happy that this deep distortion was discovered. In no way would this incorrect conclusion serve Debbie, it would just keep feeding the story.

That night she slept very soundly and woke up feeling much lighter. Prior to ending our session I reminded her that if she seeks out why “something happened FOR her”, she will create the space for great personal discovery. Personal discovery brings about the opportunity for healing.

I urge you to look forward to discovering the insights of why “something happened FOR you”. The blessings within are waiting to be unveiled and transformed for your Highest good.

Face irritation Recently, I had a client who suddenly began to have flair ups on her skin. They were slightly red raised bumps all over her cheeks and forehead. Her skin felt very hot and it was itchy. She had tried a candida diet (no sugars, starches, grains and little fruit) thinking it was fungal. She also applied Tea tree oil and other natural products. Later she was prescribed an antibiotic and steroid cream. None of these products brought permanent reversal of the outbreaks. At night the itchiness and heat on her face seemed to increase. This went on for a few months with no permanent relief in sight.

When she contacted me, I discovered that what she had was a proliferation of microscopic Demodex mites. We all have these mites on our facial skin. Demodex mites are often found on the forehead, cheeks, sides of the nose, eyelashes, and outside of the ear canal. They die about every 15 days and when an infestation of Demodex mites occur and these excess numbers die on the face, the skin has a reaction. It then manifests in what the medical world labels as rosacea or dermatitis. By the way, until the Demodex mites begin to get under control, it is important to wash all bedding and clean up room and bathroom surfaces on a consistent basis.

A cream that has had very good results in lowering the number of these mites is called Soolantra (brand name for a 1% dosage of ivermectin). For years ivermectin has been given orally to livestock, pets and horses to treat these mites as well as scabie mites. Basically, ivermectin is an anti-parasitic medication. Ivermectin can be found on Amazon for animal use (1.87%). But some people have also used the animal strength version; using 1/2 of a pea size on the effected areas. You need a prescription to get the 1% Soolantra. In severe cases, an oral version of ivermectin needs to be ingested.

If you have had unresolved severe facial skin irritations have a dermatologist test you for Demodex mites. Please watch the following video to get a better understanding.

Informative video on Demodex mites and other topical solutions to control Demodex mites. Click here to watch.

Book Cover Being an Alternative Medicine, Shaman Healer and Reconnective Healing practitioner has been very fulfilling and rewarding. I enjoy witnessing people’s lives improve physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I’ve witnessed people become free of certain ailments, anxiety, depression, fears, traumatic experiences, confusion/doubt and just an overall feeling of being “stuck”. I’ve witnessed many take back their personal power, worth, honor and truth.

A modality that I really enjoy and is beautifully mystical, transformational and amazingly powerful, is the contemporary Inca Shamanic healing modality I was blessed to learn about. One of the amazing things I am able to do within this modality is that of clearing and transforming beliefs and fears that have been created by ancestors. Just like physical traits are passed on genetically, heavy fears and beliefs can be passed on in cellular memory. I have helped about 40% of my clients become free of ancestral energetic creations. An ancestral energetic creation is felt at a very young age. You may ask “what can be passed on?” Any thought, belief, experience or statement that has been charged with great emotion or trauma is what can be passed on.

The scientific studies on epigenetics has greatly contributed to the understanding of how very powerful painful or fear based experiences in one’s ancestors, going back many generations, can influence our own genes. The research indicates that certain life circumstances can either cause genes to shut-down or express (be active). Epigenetics, essentially, affect how our genes are read by our cells and therefore this creates the corresponding biochemical reactions and body electrical impulses which affect many aspects of our being.

For example, I have a client, who had a male ancestor on his father’s side, that passed down the lineage a great desire not to have children. I’m not sure why he did not want children, but I can speculate that since my client’s ancestry was of African lineage, this male ancestor may have wanted to avoid the deep pain of seeing his children become slaves and/or be sold to others. Though this ancestor ended up having children, he did not seek to bond with them. The emotional disconnection to children was passed on to his children and it continued down this genetic line. My client remembers feeling like he and his sister were never wanted by their father. There was no emotional bond between them. He noticed his aunts and uncles were either childless or had only one or two children. It is quite possible that the descendants of this long ago male ancestor had no idea why they didn’t feel similar nurturing feelings towards their children like other moms or dads felt.

Three to four months after my client and I performed some Divine energetic exchanges on what this ancestor had created, both he and his dad began to reach out to each other at a frequency that had not occurred before. They began to do more “father/son activities”. My client told me that he never expected this to happen between him and his father. This is only one example of how ancestral energetic creations can be passed on and derail a person’s life experiences.

Not all clients are affected by ancestral energetic creations. Some are affected by their earlier experiences in their formative years. Still others are affected by a number of low-vibrating judgments, beliefs and distorted internal dialogues about themselves. There are some that have been affected by a traumatic experience they personally experienced or the trauma of a loved one’s sudden death. In many of these cases there is a type of Post Traumatic Stress syndrome (PTSD) that they experience throughout their lives.

In my new original book, Divine Power, Divine Right; A Guide To Unleashing Your Inner Light, I cover an array of fears, issues, beliefs, perceptions, negative self-dialogue and traumas. In the majority of the chapters I walk the reader through a process of doing their own Divine energetic exchanges which clears and transforms low-vibrating energetic blocks, fears, beliefs and thoughts. I teach and support the personal cultivation and commitment of self-kindness, self-love, self-honor and alignment to eternal Truths that go beyond this physical realm. An authentically flowing self not only blesses the individual but also blesses the whole of humanity.

No matter what other modalities you have experienced, the teachings in this book will bring about greater awareness and understandings that will increase the flow and enjoyment of your life experiences.

To read some excerpts of the book or listen to some audio/videos click here.

I am looking for a Literary Agent or a Publisher that is the correct fit for me, the book and its teachings. Please contact me if you have some good contacts. Thank you.

Personal toddler picture

I have worked with children ranging from ages 2 to 10 who were suffering from asthma. In many cases the older children had begun to exhibit asthmatic symptoms as a toddler and throughout time the severity of the symptoms had increased. In 50% of the cases the mother had been given antibiotics a few hours prior to the birth of the child. In other cases the child and taken several rounds of antibiotics due to ear infections or other illnesses. Antibiotics kill both harmful bacteria as well as many of the beneficial bacteria which support the immune system and colon health.

The lower count of good bacteria in a child gives way to internal fungus growth. The development of this fungus is also known as candida infection. In some children this increase in fungus can develop the symptoms of asthma. Along with asthma a number of these children tend to suffer from constipation. Old fecal matter and the toxins the body absorbs can also exacerbate asthma symptoms.

The nutrients I suggest are probiotics (can open up tablet and mix in some warm water and have the child sip through a straw). One capsule of at least 30-50 billion bacteria count can be taken per day on an empty stomach. About 3-4 months of supplementation is needed. Additionally a glycinate liquid magnesium will eventually ease the constipation (300-400 mg per day for about 10 weeks).

Fungi thrive on sugar so I also suggest lowering the amount of sugary foods and pastries as much as possible. Fruit juices are high in natural sugars so diluting the juice with water is a good idea.

Pic by Lee Scott

Intuition, gut feel, instinct, thoughts or feelings of warning all fall within the same category. I am constantly vigilant on not dismissing feelings or thoughts that can keep my life flowing and keep me away from “drama”. I still don’t follow through 100%, but I do it more often than in the past. I would like to share some stories which reaffirm the need to “fully trust” and follow through and not doubt in gut feels, thoughts or intuition.

The Twisted Ankle
My husband’s friend has parents who own a cabin in the woods about 2 hours from our home. The parents do not usually allow anyone but family to use the cabin but they made an exception for us one weekend. It was going to be a beautiful weekend and we were looking forward to some fun family time. Three days before the trip my eldest daughter stepped down into our living room from our kitchen and moderately twisted her ankle. Continue reading “The Consequences of Not Trusting Intuition” »

Your Higher Self

Are you wanting guidance or answers? Use a simple, yet powerful, exercise that connects you to your Higher self and sub-conscious.

What is Your Higher Self?
It is the aspect of you that is infinite and boundless and always connected to the Higher realms. Your Higher self has always been present; you and I are the ones who disconnect from it. When we allow and permit to reconnect to this aspect of ourselves we can receive clarity, insights and intuitive guidance. Your Higher self is even closer to you than angels and spirit guides because it is the pure crystalline YOU!

Powerful and Simple Exercise
First find a quiet space. Take a couple of deep breaths then begin to go into a nice rhythmic breathing pattern. Get out of your mind and drop into your Heart space. Stay in your Heart space!! Continue reading “Accessing Your Higher Self and Sub-conscious For Answers” »

Wellness ModelTo get esoteric from the get go, the 3rd dimensional experience we are so conscious of is not the ALL that exists. There are other dimensions, higher intelligence, higher information and higher truths which we have the birthright and ability to access and use for our Highest good. I have learned to access and request the assistance of these higher vibrating realms via a Shamanic process tied to the Inca Principles (teacher Shaman Elena Radford). The ability to unite and team up with these realms allows me to help shift the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical (when there is a resistance to get well) aspects of someone who is committed to evolve and return to vibrational harmony. For more information on the multidimensional energy gifts I utilize, click here for the PDF document.

Enjoy a sampler of successful client stories and allow the possibilities to come forth for you or a loved one. Continue reading “Freed from Depression, Overspending and Panic Attacks — Client Success Stories” »

Wellness ModelOur body works off of thousands of bio-chemical processes to keep itself running smooth and healthy. I have been able to guide many people back to balanced physical health. Understand that if you were not born with a particular health imbalance then something internally went off balance and now you just need to discover how to support your body to return to health! The body has great wisdom on how to return to its “homeostasis” when we give it what it needs.

We all have a magnetic field and each of our organs and nutrients has a vibrational resonance. I work with these fields to discover the body’s imbalances. Enjoy the following sampler stories of how the body can regain its harmony when there is a bio-chemical imbalance.

44 Year Old Female with High Cholesterol

A long time friend of mine, “Lisa”, called me in a panic about a physical that revealed that her cholesterol was very high and her doctor wanted to put her on medication immediately! She asked the doctor to give her sometime to lower it on her own. The Dr. said she’d give her 10 weeks and if cholesterol levels were still too high she would need her to start medication. Lisa put herself on fish, chicken, turkey, legumes and vegetable diet. I usually review 6 sets of nutrients that can cause issues with processing fat (emulsifying it). Continue reading “Balancing High Cholesterol, Chronic Diarrhea and Children Skin Issues — Client Success Stories” »

We Are The World 1I subscribe to a few newsletters and podcasts which allow me to contemplate others views and experiences.  I seek this out because I know that every time I open myself up to question, I open the door to new possibilities and personal transformation.  I trust that my heart will guide me to discern which insights vibrate with Light (divine wisdom; love).

Recently, I received a newsletter from the author of the book, Your Soul’s Plan, which gave me food for thought.  It addressed natural disasters and the resulting deaths and devastation which come from these events.  It is hard to believe that these events could be occurring for our “global” highest good, but this is what he suggests.   But how? Continue reading “Commitment To Our Transformation Transforms the World” »

Heart Electromagnetic_field

The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of LOVE.  And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire. – Pierre Teillhard de Chardin

The resonance or vibration of Love is the highest frequency which exists in this physical realm and in the soul/spirit dimension.  It is believed that in the spirit dimension Love vibrates at its highest light which is “unconditional” Love.  Meaning there is no judgment, good or bad, of the experiences you have or choices you make; nor of the experiences or choices of others.  It is understood that everything ultimately leads to Love.  This unconditional Love is a constant.

A question I have been delving into is how do we harness on a daily basis the vibration of Love here as physical beings?  How do we use it to guide us, interact with others and to help us create the life we want?  It has become very clear to me that when I make a decision or choice which arises from some fear based belief or feeling it usually does not give “good” fruit.  However, most of us make decisions based on a belief of lack, insecurity, fear of the unknown, fear of the future…etc.  I figure it’s time to make decisions and choices from the feeling of Love. Continue reading “Trust In Your Heart’s Divine Connection” »

Pink flowerIn part I of Marcus Buckingham’s article on “What’s Happening to Women’s Happiness?” two trends seemed to be emerging regarding the general happiness barometer for women; 1) women are less happy than they were 40 years ago, as compared to men, and 2) as women get older, they get sadder.

There doesn’t seem to be a clear answer to why this trend exists (not all women are going through this, but a significant number are).   It is good to be aware of this trend so that women don’t feel isolated or believe it is just them.

Women’ Happiness: What We Know For Certain

by Marcus Buckingham
Are these trends increasing or decreasing?

They are increasing. According to the U.S. General Social Survey, women begin their lives more satisfied than men and then become less satisfied with every aspect of their lives as they age.

This used to be true. Today, statistics show that women don’t even begin their adult lives happier than men. Yes, in Churchill’s words, “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.” But still, it’s hard not to conclude that contemporary life is disproportionately stressful for young women, that this stress puts them at an immediate disadvantage and that this state of affairs is damaging, wasteful and needless. Continue reading “The Decline of Women’s Happiness Part II” »

FoodsThere is a current phenomenon of many people eliminating foods from their diet because of a negative reaction to that food.  The most known food culprits are dairy (lactose intolerance) and wheat (gluten intolerance).  Many children react in very dramatic ways (anger, irritability, lack of concentration, asthma attack) when they have a reaction to certain foods.   Adults can feel irritable, have digestive issues, diarrhea, headaches, nasal congestion or “foggy” mind.  What I have discovered in working with different clients who have food “allergies” is that they are truly not allergic to the food; it is that their body lacks certain nutrients which do not allow it to break down food properly.  Therefore, the food becomes toxic-like.  There are cases where there is something defective in the small intestine which causes food breakdown issues, but in about 80% of the cases this is not it. Continue reading “Food “Allergies” Can Be Reversed!” »

Pink flower

Wherever researchers have been able to collect reliable data on happiness, the finding is always the same: greater educational, political, and employment opportunities have corresponded to decreases in life happiness for women, as compared to men.

I came across the following article on the online HuffPost Social News (Huffington Post) written by Marcus Buckingham, author and speaker.  I believe that in general the results of the studies mirror the experience of many women (not all women).  Some possible explanations which are being debated are that women stepped into a world already defined by a male view and in time it has not been the right “fit” for women, therefore, it has led to less happiness.  Let me know your thoughts.  I believe many women do look for “deeper” meaning and the mechanical/technical world we live in is not ultimately fulfilling.  I will post the second part to this article next week.

“What’s Happening To Women’s Happiness?”

by Marcus Buckingham

Imagine it is 1969 and we’re in a thriving American city. Let’s choose Detroit. The ’60s were good to the Motor City, and the future would have looked bright as new chrome. Now, imagine stopping a working woman on Detroit’s Woodward Avenue, perhaps a young bank clerk, and asking if she would cast her mind forward, decades into the future. Not to picture the flying cars and space-themed restaurants that always seem to pop up in visions of the future, but to think about the role of women at work, in business, in government, in life. What do you think she would have said? Continue reading “The Decline of Women’s Happiness Part I” »

PlaceboThe subject of mind having an effect on the body is not new.  For decades, if not centuries, people with an elevated awareness have observed it and have harnessed its power.  However, in recent years some “progressive” scientists and researchers have begun to ponder on the placebo(Latin for “I will please”) effect when it comes to documented results on new drug studies.  Statistically about 33% of study participants who take a sugar pill but believe they are on the “miracle” pill have dramatic improvements in their symptoms.

Previously, scientists would dismiss the placebo effect and not think about its implications; being that the mind and perception are very powerful.  In fact when someone has a  positive thought about a health related outcome in many cases there is a “healing” response.  On the contrary, research has also come to acknowledge what is termed as the nocebo (Latin for “I will harm“) effect which occurs when someone is given a sugar pill and they report having a number of side effects of the drug that they did not take!  In some circumstances not only can negative thoughts/perceptions or “nocebo” make you sick but they can kill you. Continue reading “Your Power to Create A Placebo or Nocebo Effect” »

UterusI have had the opportunity to help  several women suffering from uterine fibroid symptoms.  These smooth masses are benign tumors that develop in the uterus (womb).   Uterine fibroids can evolve in different sections of the uterus.  Depending on where they form they present different symptoms.

What are symptoms of uterine fibroids?

Not all fibroids cause symptoms.  It is only when they get very large or are pressing or obstructing areas that can no longer function properly is when some of the following symptoms occur:

  • Extremely heavy, painful periods
  • Irregular bleeding between periods,
  • Large clots
  • Severe pelvic pressure
  • Pressure on the bladder with frequent or even obstructed urination, and
  • Pressure on the rectum with pain during defecation.
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Constipation
  • Kidney infections or kidney issues
  • A feeling of pressure or fullness in the lower abdomen
  • An abnormally enlarged abdomen
  • May be the cause of some miscarriages

Continue reading “Uterine Fibroid Tumors and Their Symptoms” »

men and prostateThe prostate gland is a walnut sized gland that sits just below a man’s bladder. This gland is part of the male reproductive system and is responsible for the production of a clear liquid which is found in seminal fluid which carries and protects the sperm.  The prostate is divided into three sections – peripheral, central and transition. The peripheral section is located at the rear of the prostate gland and is the section of the prostate in which prostatitis (inflammation of the gland) and prostate cancer are most likely to develop. The transition section, which lies in the middle of the prostate gland and surrounds the urethra (tube which empties out bladder), is the area in which benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is seen.

BPH is the condition in which a growth of non-cancerous cells occur and causes the prostate gland to become larger (not inflamed). Enlargement of the prostate is not a dangerous condition, but it does put pressure on the urethra.  If left unchecked, benign BPH can cause serious problems over time including urinary tract infections, bladder or kidney damage, bladder stones or incontinence. Continue reading “Preventing Prostate Gland Problems In Men” »

Adrenal-GlandsStress due to prolonged problems and life challenges can wreak havoc on your well-being.   The most common “outside” challenges which people face are the threat of losing a job, financial issues, personality conflicts, relationship problems and death or illness of a loved one.  The common stressors we inflict upon ourselves are skipping meals, yo-yo dieting, drinking too much coffee and/or energy drinks, eating too many carbs, not sleeping at least 7 hours per night, over-exercising, and not resolving emotional issues from the past or present.

Stress affects both the mind and body (for article on how to calm the mind read – You Have The Power To Keep You Inner Peace).  Physically the glands most affected by stress are the adrenal glands.   The adrenal glands are two small glands, one on top of each kidney.  Each has an outer part called the cortex and the inner portion which is the medulla.  The cortex secretes three different classes of hormones: mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids, and androgenic hormones.  The medulla secretes epinephrine and norepinephrine (commonly known as adrenaline).


The most important  mineralocorticoid hormone is aldosterone.  It’s main function is to keep both sodium and potassium in check.  This in turn keeps blood pressure in check and fluid (water) in balance (so as not to retain water; edema, which increases blood pressure).  The kidneys need to have sodium and potassium at proper levels so they can also function properly and keep all fluids and waste acids in check.  Too much aldosterone hormone or too little aldosterone affects our organs, especially the heart, blood pressure, muscles (feel weak) and joints (painful and achy). Continue reading “Numerous Symptoms Caused By Adrenal Gland Dysfunction” »

Chimpanzee and BabyMost of us cry when we are happy, sad, inspired, angry, melancholy, over an event, over a loss and for many other varied reasons.   However, all tears are not equal.  There was a study completed with a control group of 100 people.  They were divided into two groups.  Fifty people watched a very funny, tears-of laughter type movie the other 50 watched a very sad and tears of compassion type movie.

At the end of the sessions researchers collected the “happy tears” and the “sad tears” with eye droppers.  They found that “happy tears” are made up of brine which is basically salt water.  However, the “sad tears” were found to contain the chemicals and enzymes that are found in tumors, ulcers and other lumps which create sickness throughout the body. Continue reading “Go Ahead & Have A Good Cry, It’s Good For You!” »

Pic by James ForbesWhen we know what we truly want it becomes very significant to the long-lasting success of our lives, and our relationships in any given moment; as well as remarkable things can happen. Focusing on what you DO WANT instead on what you DON’T WANT opens the door to your highest awareness and creative ideas surface on what to do next and how to do it.  Moreover, there is more clarity to your true wants/desires and because of this you can identify quickly if a particular choice or path aligns to these wants.  In other words you make great decisions for yourself.  You move forward in a direction that serves your purpose. You save yourself heartache, wasted energy, time, and/or money on something that was NOT right for you.

Yet, most people focus on what they don’t want in their lives and due to the time and emotional energy spent dwelling on them, they bring those very things that they don’t want or the essence of what they don’t want into their lives.  What you focus on you give life to.  If you receive more of what you don’t want it takes you away from your desired path, disrupts your peace of mind and drains your energy. Stop for a moment and feel how each of the following phrases sets in your body.  Whether we believe it or not, every thought has an energy frequency which is emitted. Continue reading “Focus On What You DO Want!” »


“We did not come to fear the future. We came here to shape it”                              – President Barack Obama

President Obama uttered these words in the latest address to Congress. However, not fearing the future but shaping it also applies to our personal lives in a very dramatic way. On many occasions “fear” is what stops us from moving forward and accepting change in our personal lives. Fear of the unknown keeps us from the potential of great internal freedom (freedom from painful or negative thoughts, beliefs, experiences, fear of losing control…etc.).  Fear does not just let us “be”.

The following article is from a Doctor of Metaphysics – Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich, Ph.D.

I’d like to give definitions of the Ego which may make the following article more impactful.  The dictionary defines Ego as the part of a person’s self that is able to recognize that person as being distinct from other people and things.  Toni Elizabeth sent me the following definition on the Ego: Continue reading “Why Do We Create Fear?” »

Natural Progesterone Cream

Natural Progesterone Cream

Most women are quite aware of the hormone Estrogen.  But very little is mentioned about the other hormone, Progesterone.  Progesterone is primarily involved in the menstrual cycle, fertility and pregnancy.  Estrogen gives women their feminine look and shape.  Progesterone is produced in the adrenal glands and brain.  Both of these sex hormones in a woman’s body dance a delicate dance together.  They are synergistic; meaning they must work together to create the proper and best effects on a woman’s reproductive system.  There are many nutrients in our body that pair up like a yin and a yang (i.e. sodium and potassium, calcium and magnesium, vitamin e and selenium…etc.).  When your hormones are in balance, everything from digestion to immunity works properly.

In my consultations I have come across women in their late 20’s up to their early 50’s which have had some very undesirable symptoms due to deficient progesterone.  Many pre-menopausal and menopausal women are loaded with estrogen.

Some Symptoms of Progesterone Deficiency
  • Irritability
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Fibrocystic Breasts
  • Acne
  • Anxiety
  • Bone Loss
  • Low Libido
  • Night Sweats
  • Irregular Periods
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Infertility
  • Weight Gain
  • Hair Loss
  • Bloating
  • Mood Swings
  • Memory Lapses
  • Loss of Muscle
  • Nervousness
  • Excess Facial/Body Hair
  • Heavy or Painful Periods
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Poor Concentration
  • Hot Flashes
  • Uterine Fibroids (due to estrogen dominance)

Continue reading “How Women Suffer Due To Low Progesterone” »

Healthy Woman1I stopped taking oral contraceptives before I became pregnant with my first child; two decades ago.  Back then I was not aware of all the dangerous consequences these drugs could pose.  Since then there have been a variety of new products that have hit the market.  Ones that have been marketed aggressively to young women are the contraceptives YASMIN and YAZ.  Besides being marketed as contraceptives, the big selling point was to help control acne and PMS symptoms.  Other “benefits” some women noticed was weight-loss.  Word of mouth spread about this benefit and young women ran to see their Doctors to get on these pills or switch over to them.

Little did they know what type of price they would pay for all the potential “benefits”.  Continue reading “Unsuspecting Women Suffer From Birth Control Pills” »


As I watch my daughters, especially when they are with their friends, there is just so much joy, fun and laughter.  Recently, my eldest said to me, “Mom you need to do more fun things.  Have some fun in your life.”   I must admit I tend to be such an introspective person and can read or sit in front of the computer (researching) for hours.  I lose sight of incorporating just pure fun which many times leads to laughter.  Looking at it from an “energetic” point of view, laughter vibrates at a high frequency and therefore can help shift a person’s health in many forms.

Fun and laughter can…
  • Dispel (at least temporally) distressing emotions like anxiety, anger, sadness and possibly give you a better frame of mind to deal with a difficult situation.
  • Cleanse you physically and emotionally due to its “releasing” effects.
  • Reduce stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine (adrenaline) which increase stress, tension and inflammation.
  • Increase the feel good hormones like endorphins which are neurotransmitters found in the brain that have pain relieving properties similar to morphine and which rid the body of waste acids.
  • Keep you healthy by increasing the white blood cells which are essential for your immune system as well as raising infection-fighting antibodies
  • Continue reading “The Healing Powers Of Fun and Laughter” »


Dr. Eric Pearl's Right Hand

“We all desire to have great relationships, fulfilling occupations, joy, health, security and inner-peace. It is a constant challenge for us as human beings to keep every part within ourselves (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual) in balance, flowing, and attuned in order to achieve this desire.”

The above quote is found on the Home page of my website.  I have a deep commitment to help lead people towards balancing their multi-dimensional body; to helping them experience a “flowing” through life with less struggle and physical discomfort.  Currently one of the most powerful methods to help achieve internal balance is an energy type work called Reconnective Healing®, which has been brought to the public’s attention by Dr. Eric Pearl and his book The Reconnection. It is difficult for many people to accept this type of work because it cannot be seen.  Radio waves cannot be seen yet we are aware that they exist.  The electrical impulses which course through our body and allow for an EKG, EEG, and lie detector test to track this energy can also not be seen, yet they are real.  And so universal/planetary electromagnetic fields with their various vibrational frequencies also exist yet cannot be seen.

One of the most well known energy type works offered for decades is Reiki, originating from Japan.  Reconnective Healing is a recently discovered frequency (approximately 12 years ago) which seems to be working at a much higher frequency.  It can be accessed and directed to a person’s electromagnetic field to affect change at a molecular level. Continue reading “Understanding The Benefits Of Reconnective Healing” »

EdamameA client recently asked me what I thought about soy milk and other soy products.  The answer actually requires a lengthy explanation.  The bottom line is that we here in America eat soy products in a way in which soy was not intended to be consumed.  Historically Asians have utilized soy for crop rotation.  Apparently the soy plant was initially used as a method of fixing high nitrogen levels in the soil.  The soybean did not serve as a food until the discovery of fermentation techniques, some time during the Chou Dynasty (1134-246 BC). The first soy foods were fermented products like tempeh, natto, miso, tamari and soy sauce. Soy had never been eaten unfermented in the history of humanity, until recently. Fermentation is essential to neutralize toxins in the soy bean.

In my personal experience, when I tested clients who had switched to drinking soy milk, not one client’s body accepted the soy milk. If they had switched to soy milk because of lactose intolerance I checked their levels of potassium and vitamin D. One or both of these nutrients was usually deficient. The body requires these nutrients to break down dairy. If they still wanted to stay off dairy I suggested almond milk or rice milk.


The Chinese did not eat unfermented soybeans as they did other legumes such as lentils because the soybean contains large quantities of natural toxins or “antinutrients”. First among them are potent enzyme inhibitors that block the action of trypsin and other enzymes needed for protein digestion…Soy also contains goitrogen – substances that depress thyroid function.” – Sally Fallon PhD

Continue reading “Myths About Good Health Habits — Soy Consumption” »

Scale and TapeMost of us understand that long periods of stress are very damaging to our whole being.  Stress from relationships, work or other causes drain us. We get less sleep, eat worse and develop physiological symptoms. When we imagine chronic stress it is always psychological stress, but that is not the only kind. Physical stress also triggers release of corticosteroids (stress reducing hormones).   The benefits of exercising are always touted and so we figure the more the better!  Yet, exercise can also cause unexpected health issues.

“A recent study revealed that 23 percent of gym goers exercised between six and 20 hours a week and had become dependent on their physical fix.” by Andrew May, Health Author

In most cases it is excessive exercise which can be harmful.  What is considered excessive? Continue reading “The Risks Of Over Exercising” »


I’d like to introduce another Healer – Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich, Ph.D.  She was born with memory of the etheric worlds intact.  She is the owner of Sacred Spaces in the beautiful San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State. Toni teaches metaphysical spiritual principles internationally through her Meta yoU courses. She also records etheric readings for all those drawn to the authentic Self.  In my quest to continue my personal growth and enlightenment, I had a Circuitry Alignment session with Toni; very powerful experience.  She is a prolific writer and has many videos on YouTube regarding self-awareness and self-authenticity. I wanted to share the following profound article she wrote. This story truly is the backdrop for the “Divine Play” we all partake in and experience.  Consider that our journey here is based on a deep love for one another. We assist each other in our quest to truly “get it”!  Some times we play the “bad guy”, some times we play the “good guy”.

It’s ALL good people.     **emphasis and color is mine

THE ILLUSION OF NEGATIVITY – by Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich

It was only a few days into THE Beginning that God realized that there was a necessity for a meeting of all of the angelic realm and a consensus reached if duality (one of His better creations) was going to succeed. He sent out a memo letting each of the cherubim, seraphim, thrones, powers, archangels and angels of all degrees know that a meeting was being called in THE BOARD ROOM and that a great decision was to be made.

The entire angelic realm showed up on the appointed day (of course, since they only know the Divine Will) and each angel was intently curious about what the question was going to be that could be SO important that God would call every single angel into this meeting. They were arranged by rank with the most important archangels seated nearest the throne of Almighty Source. Everyone was there – Uriel, Metatron, Gabriel, Ariel, Raphael, Michael, Lucifer, Samiel – all of the mighty names appeared in person to sit next to the throne of God as He called the meeting to order. Continue reading “Could Everything Be Divine, Even That Which We Abhor?” »

Working TogetherI would like to introduce Kim Hunter as a guest Blogger. I met Kim at a Speaking Circle workshop.  Her lovely spirit and life experiences struck me.  I asked her to share some of her stories with my readers.  This is the first of a few to come.

“Jesus Man” by Kim Hunter – Guest blogger

In 1986 I walked with hundreds of people on the Great Peace March across the United States.  We started in Los Angeles, heading for Washington D.C.  The 9 month odyssey was an opportunity for me to see the country, meet people, and talk about ways to resolve the cold war.

From the first day we left, we had many supporters who cheered us along.  However, there was one individual who had different notions.  Carl drove a white van, and painted across the sides of the vehicle, were tortured people suffering in bright red flames, with the devil smiling down at them, pitchfork in hand.  From a megaphone Carl yelled, “The only way to peace and salvation is through Jesus Christ!  Without Christ as your savior, you’ll all burn in hell!”  Continue reading ““Jesus Man” — Story From the Great Peace March of 1986” »

NSP logo

We now have a substantial body of data showing that if everyone took a few supplements every day, they could significantly lower their risk of a multitude of serious diseases.
– David Heber, M.D., Ph.D., of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of California, Los Angeles.

In my experience the above statement is very true.  The right supplements at the correct amounts can have somewhat miraculous results.  The issue at hand is that not all supplements are created equal.  The worst offenders of putting out inferior products are the “name brand” companies.  In my opinion, their bottom line seems to be profit not quality.  It seems if they can get away with creating a low cost product and charge an amount the health conscious market is willing to bare, this is what they will do.

It has been discovered that many of the “name brands” are processed at high temperatures (destroy medicinal properties), contain petroleum derived chemical solvents, such as ethyl cellulose and are coated with methylene chloride, a carcinogenic material. Continue reading ““Natural” Vitamins -vs- “Synthetic” Vitamins — Beware of Studies” »

AntacidsDo you know of anyone who takes antacids as if they were candy?   Antacids are quick-fix remedies taken by millions to help relieve heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, gas and other uncomfortable digestive problems.  Americans spend billions a year on over-the-counter heartburn drugs and on prescription acid reducing drugs.   Taking antacids or purple pills doesn’t actually solve the problem; it merely eliminates one of the symptoms.  Sadly, when antacids are taken long-term it can lead to many degenerative dis-eases.  Why?  Because the Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), which antacids block, is essential for the breakdown and absorption of vital minerals, vitamins and proteins.

There is a false belief, however, that all acid reflux or heartburn is caused by too much HCl.  In fact, most digestive discomfort is caused by low HCl not high. Continue reading “Antacids Can Lead To Chronic Illness” »

BridgeWhere do you feel anger?  Does the energy get trapped in your gut or in your chest?  Where do you feel frustration on your neck and shoulders or on your lower back?  Have you held onto an emotional trauma for years?  Do you have an annoying pain anywhere on your body which will not go away no matter what you do?  Is your pain more chronic?  Logically, it seems difficult to believe that an “energy” is attached to a particular feeling, pain or experience but it seems to be so.  In the DVD, Try It On Everything, 10 people from different walks of life and experiencing an array of physical and emotional pain, put a technique call Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to the test.  All achieved significant shifts and results.

All that EFT requires is that you consciously acknowledge the problem and tap on some acupuncture points as you state the problem with all the nuances surrounding the problem.  Digging deeper into the roots of the issue if it requires that level of depth brings about even greater release.  After the acknowledgment of the issue, you choose a “new” outcome.  As you do your rounds of tapping (usually 3-4 minutes 1x or 2x a day create a remarkable result) you sense the release and freedom from the “heaviness” of the problem. Continue reading “Emotional Freedom Technique — For Physical & Emotional Change” »


“I am an energy being radiating life.  I’ve got atoms and molecules outside of me and I have atoms and molecules inside of me.” – Dr. Bolte Taylor

Once more we have an experience which helps us realize that we perceive life  in a very limited scope.  Judging by all the life after death accounts, the current extensive studies into quantum physics and electromagnetic fields, the journey into the Soul realm, along with other paranormal phenomenon, it seems to me we are in a time of great consciousness awakening.  These potential “truths” unveil our grandeur.  We are beings connected to great power and knowledge.

Below is a very powerful video of a brain scientist, Jill Bolte Taylor, who suffered a stroke and as a brain scientist actually had the opportunity to observe and analyze her own stroke.  She recalls thinking to herself “Isn’t this cool?  How many brain scientists get to see this up close?” Continue reading “The Liberating Experience of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke” »

footsteps-and-sunRecently I had a 39 year old woman contact me.  She wanted to know if I could treat Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).  Arthritis means inflammation of joints.  RA is the type of arthritis that in time  joints become deformed.  It is quite painful and debilitating.  I asked her if she had been under extreme stress in the past.  She mentioned that she went through a divorce a year ago and it was and has been quite overwhelming.

Before I continue, I must digress to give some history.  Some years back I decided that I wanted to get to the root cause of ailments and not just treat the symptoms.  Treating symptoms  is utilized by Western medicine and many times within alternative health options.  Granted that keeping symptoms at a managed level using natural means has less side affects than pharmaceutical drugs; however, the point is that most people want to get total relief without having to constantly be taking something.  Additionally, many symptoms worsen with time and dosages of medications or supplements need to be increased.

Consequently, my desire to get to the root of many ailments leads me to conduct extensive research (via the internet; the most valuable tool in finding studies conducted through-out the world) which brings wonderful insights.   Something which seems to be a pattern with the American Medical Association (AMA) is that it can take decades to accept findings which seem to hold much promise in helping people recover from a health problem.

For example, in the 1950’s there were a few papers published and presentations made at medical conventions by foreign physicians/practitioners who relayed that they had been able to cure people of peptic ulcers.  They mentioned that they suspected that peptic ulcers were caused by some type of pathogen. Continue reading “Getting To The Root Cause Brings Amazing Results” »

water-glassesI have been helping people with their health issues for over 9 years. In this time frame I have witnessed many opposites of what is constantly being touted as “good health habits”. For years we have all heard that we need to drink 8 ounces of water 8 times a day (8×8). However, numerous research has debunked this “urban myth”. Obviously, if a person is engaged in a vigorous activity or is in a very hot climate there should be extra water intake.  Initially, I also recommended to my clients they drink a lot of water, but then one day it dawned on me that I should check to discover if this was true. Each client that came through thereafter I tested to see if they needed to drink more water. I never found anyone in need of more water (plenty needed more potassium). In fact, when I checked the body for what it preferred in water intake, I usually got 3 glasses or less.   There was one exception.  A women on many medications and with many structural issues needed about 7 eight ounce glasses of water per day.  I have since discovered that we get water out of many foods we eat. For example a potato is about 70% water. Beef has about 60% water. Lettuce, mostly water. Obviously any liquid beverage also has water. Our bodies extract every bit of moisture out of everything we eat.

Besides water intake, minerals need to be replenished. One of the most important minerals is potassium which is needed for proper muscle contraction and proper cell health. Most people are unaware that we lose close to 3 times more potassium to sodium in our perspiration.  We also lose magnesium.  Both magnesium and potassium are necessary for proper muscle contraction and to prevent an arrhythmia of the heart which can lead to a sudden heart attack. Continue reading “Myths About Good Health Habits — Water Consumption” »

rainbow3In part 1 of “You Have The Power To Keep Your Inner-Peace” four key questions used to inquire about stressful uninvestigated thoughts/beliefs were examined.   These are questions author Byron Katie teaches all her clients/students in what she calls “The Work”.   Uninvestigated thinking can send us into an unnecessary state of emotional pain and suffering.   We lose the battle 100% of the time when we argue with “what is”.  In addition to the four questions used to investigate our thoughts there are other mindsets that we can adopt in order to help us sustain our inner-peace and emotional equilibrium.

Byron Katie suggests that if we come to accept without argument or emotion (anger, frustration, confusion…etc.) aspects or habits about a person just as easily as we accept the fact that a  “a dog barks, a cat meows”, this also liberates us from suffering.   Let’s take the following examples: Continue reading “You Have The Power To Keep Your Inner-Peace — Part 2” »

rainbow2I have come to understand that I have 100% control over the degree of suffering I experience.  Suffering can be a constant slight annoyance or escalate to an all out rage about something or someone.  But one can argue “how can you control your suffering if you can’t control those around you and the unexpected events that sometimes life throws your way?”  Exactly, we can’t control life.  We can’t control reality.  However, consider the possibility in controlling your stressful thoughts and/or beliefs about a situation or person.  Additionally, what if we commit ourselves to learning to become a “lover” of reality.  Which means we STOP arguing with reality; with what is!

This concept and awakening came to me via Byron Katie’s work called “The Work”.  She is the author of many books including Loving What Is (see the Recommended Links page; great video examples as well).  Katie states “You create your own suffering, and you can end it.  It’s as simple as that…The fact is you are the wisdom you’ve been seeking.”   Basically to end your suffering you first need to truly investigate and question your stressful thoughts and beliefs.  How many of us ever step back, stop and say to ourselves “whoa, wait a minute, is what I’m thinking true?” Continue reading “You Have The Power To Keep Your Inner-Peace — Part 1” »

elderberryUsually when we contract influenza (the flu) we are told to take pain killers, drink fluids and wait for the virus to run its course.  It is not necessary to suffer to that extent.  There is an herbal formula named Elderberry D3Fense and Elderberry Immune Soft Chews (for children) which can be utilized to lessen the replication of a flu causing virus. It can also help the body build its defenses against the current Swine Flu.

During the 1980’s and into the 90’s, Israeli scientists Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu and Dr. Jean Linderman isolated two active constituents from elderberry. Both of these constituents proved effective in fighting strains of influenza by rendering the viruses unable to replicate themselves. These doctors then conducted a double-blind, clinical trial in which patients infected with the influenza virus were given either an extract of elderberry or a placebo. Seventy-five percent of the patients who received the elderberry extract were much improved within 48 hours.  After 72 hours, 90 percent of this group was completely well. Continue reading “The Elderberry Plant — Your Defense Against The Flu Virus” »

silver-spoon1jpgA pattern that is very troubling to me is the ever-present use of anti-biotics on both children and adults without the proper follow-up to protect the person.  Multiple use of antibiotics set-up the body for further infection and illness.  This is due to the fact that along with killing all the “bad” microbes, antibiotics kill all the good bacteria, also known as “friendly flora”.  “Friendly flora” is an essential part of our immune system; much of these bacteria live in our gut.  It is estimated that we need about 3 pounds of this flora in our gut.  When our good bacteria are compromised “foreign” bacteria actually have an easier time multiplying and we tend to get more chronic and repeated infections.  For example, due to a couple of rounds of antibiotics the next cold someone gets may turn into bronchitis; it may not just simply stay a cold.  On top of bacteria having an easier time, yeast also begins to flourish in the body.

There is a medicine cabinet staple in my home that has allowed my family and me to stay away from conventional anti-biotics.  It is Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield, which is colloidal silver (20 parts per million).. Continue reading “Natural Antibiotic — Kill the Infectious Bacteria Yourself” »

karate-kidI was at a gathering once in which an analogy from the movie “Karate Kid” was compared to life.  I contemplated it more deeply and this is the question that surfaced for me, how has life been preparing me to evolve as a “master” of some sort?  Yet, how have I dismissed, grumbled or been unappreciative of the experiences and potential lessons my life has unfolded unto me.

Going back to the “Karate Kid”, do you recall how Mr. Miyagi was preparing Daniel-son to become a “master” of Karate? Continue reading “Like The “Karate Kid”, How Has Life Been Preparing You?” »

happy-chilren2Children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD have become so prevalent most parents just accept the diagnosis and the protocol in treating this ailment.  I don’t diagnose anything.  I just look for what is off balance or causing toxicity in the body.  Parents who sought my help because their child was being labeled “over active”, “disruptive”, “aggressive” or “lacking concentration”, have seen 90%-100%  improvement in their child’s “behavior” and/or academics.

In one case I met with a 9 year old child which was being labeled “inattentive”, “lacking concentration” and “forgetful”.  What was discovered was that he was deficient in iron.  Once the iron was elevated all these symptoms stopped.  However, most of the other children I have assessed have bouts of low blood sugar otherwise none as hypoglycemia.

In essence hypoglycemia results in sugar-starved brain cells that will not work normally and will result in the slowing down of body processes that the brain may deem least essential.  Children as well as adults can suffer from hypoglycemia; however, the symptoms tend to show up differently.  With both, extreme perspiration while sleeping can occur.

What are the signs and symptoms of a non-diabetic hypoglycemic child? Continue reading “Attention Deficit Disorder…Maybe Not” »

As I look back at many of the choices that I have made through-out my life, I find that the decisions I made that were not fueled by “fear”, but rather by a resolve that felt right, that I “trusted”, were decisions which brought me many benefits.  The “path” chosen tended to be smoother, lighter and more fulfilling.  Things “flowed”.

On the other hand, decisions based on some “belief” fueled by “fear” had much to be desired.  This “path” was not only rocky but “felt” heavy.   Much worry would come about and a gut feeling emerged that this was not “the right direction”.  I allowed myself to talk myself out of the choice that resonated with my “heart”.  So then what?   I would back track to an original desire or choice that at the time I had discounted.  My fearful mind had overridden my “true” desire.  Does this sound familiar? Continue reading “Self-Trust & Stay On Your Path” »

spring_leafIn my experience with clients 80% of fatigue is caused by very stressed Adrenal glands. These glands sit on top of our kidneys.  Sometimes we can feel pain in the middle and upper back which can be caused by the over-activity in these glands.  Our Adrenal glands are mostly stressed by overwork, worry and lack of sleep.  In stress mode, these glands excrete a great amount of potassium (also B-5 is greatly utilized).  Additionally greater depletion occurs  if we perspire due to extensive exercise or athletic competitions.  Unless we are aware, most  people do not replenish potassium in the correct amounts.

Potassium is an essential alkaline base forming mineral.  It nurtures and activates muscles and organs.  It controls the internal fluid of the cells.  Potassium is also a very important mineral for the heart muscle and to regulate blood pressure (sodium has been erroneously blamed for high blood pressure; it is deficient potassium).   Ultimately, physical fatigue begins to set in.  The fatigue could just be concentrated in the leg muscles (weakness) or it can be an overall lethargy. Continue reading “Fatigue — There Could Be A Simple Solution” »