Balancing High Cholesterol, Chronic Diarrhea and Children Skin Issues – Client Success Stories


Wellness ModelOur body works off of thousands of bio-chemical processes to keep itself running smooth and healthy. I have been able to guide many people back to balanced physical health. Understand that if you were not born with a particular health imbalance then something internally went off balance and now you just need to discover how to support your body to return to health! The body has great wisdom on how to return to its “homeostasis” when we give it what it needs.

We all have a magnetic field and each of our organs and nutrients has a vibrational resonance. I work with these fields to discover the body’s imbalances. Enjoy the following sampler stories of how the body can regain its harmony when there is a bio-chemical imbalance.

44 Year Old Female with High Cholesterol

A long time friend of mine, “Lisa”, called me in a panic about a physical that revealed that her cholesterol was very high and her doctor wanted to put her on medication immediately! She asked the doctor to give her sometime to lower it on her own. The Dr. said she’d give her 10 weeks and if cholesterol levels were still too high she would need her to start medication. Lisa put herself on fish, chicken, turkey, legumes and vegetable diet. I usually review 6 sets of nutrients that can cause issues with processing fat (emulsifying it). I discovered that she was extremely low on amino acid Methionine. After 10 weeks on the Methionine and her very clean diet, she returned to her Dr. and was told that her cholesterol levels had dropped so dramatically there was no need to give her meds. Dr. asked what she had done and when she told her about the Methionine, the Dr. was puzzled. She’d never heard of this possible solution. By the way, Lisa stayed on Methionine at lower dosages for another two months. Cholesterol is now at correct levels. If you or someone you know has high cholesterol, do not assume that Methionine may also be for you or them. I check a variety of potential nutrients and hone in on the needs of each persons body.


Four Years of Chronic Diarrhea

A middle aged woman found me online and contacted me. She had been suffering with on/off diarrhea for 4 yrs. She called me when her diarrhea had lasted 4 weeks straight! Yes, she had seen doctors all this time. On our phone consultation I discovered that she was very low in 2 amino acids which are essential for metabolizing and emulsifying fat; Methionine and Threonine (not Theonine). In her case, to my surprise, she did not have high levels of cholesterol. Her symptoms were of someone having a stomach flu or food poisoning. In her case ALL fat (butter, mayo, milk fat, animal fat, vegetable fat) was being interpreted as “toxic” by her body. Within a 8-10 days her diarrhea subsided and she continued on her amino acids (at different dosages) for four to five months until she returned to her correct levels. She is now completely off the amino acids and there is no diarrhea! She was being told by many people that she needed to get unto a “gluten” and “dairy” free diet. This never solved the problem nor would it ever.

13 Year Old Boy Embarrassed To Take off His Shirt

My hairdresser’s godson would never take off his shirt when he went swimming due to many raised white bumps he had on his back, neck, belly and all around his belt line. She wanted me to help him so she hired me to perform a health analysis. He came into the shop while I was there for a haircut. I discovered that he was very low on potassium. When potassium is low the kidneys cannot do their job 100% in excreting a lot of the acids we produce. The acids accumulate in the body and some people have symptoms of skin conditions because the acids come out in perspiration and irritate the skin. This young boy played a lot of sports. Imagine all the acid filled perspiration on him while playing. I put him on a regimen of potassium and also discovered that he would benefit from liquid chlorophyll which is a mild detoxify-er. Six weeks later on my return for my next haircut my hairdresser said her godson was elated! He had recently been at a swim party and he proudly took off his shirt. ALL the bumps were gone! **Note: potassium should not be taken when there are Kidney problems.

10 Year Old With Very Dry Cracking Skin

A mother had been trying everything to help her daughter with her very dry skin. Most lotions stung her skin. Her major problems were on her neck, back and inside of arms where arm bends. Somehow her PH had become very acidic. She also easily got cavities and the high acidity could have been the catalyst as well. The high acid in her body was coming out unto her skin via perspiration and causing extreme dryness. I put the child on a high alkaline/low acid diet. I also had her take coral calcium which is very alkaline. As time progressed I lowered the dosages of the coral calcium. Within 3 months her skin was about 80% improved. It took 4.5 months to get her back to beautiful skin. She still keeps a low acid diet.

OWN your Health and open yourself up to alternative options. I am dedicated to guiding you to physical harmony.

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