When Bad Things Happen FOR Me and Not to Me, Healing Awaits


Seek truth via Heart “It’s happening FOR me, not to me” is a mantra I have committed myself to live by. In many of my sessions with clients, the opportunity to share this mantra comes up because it is so easy to get caught up in the drama of a situation and feel like a victim. However, in my opinion, there truly is no such thing as being a victim. Everything is just an experience that can lead to insights and opportunities to create internal transformation if one “trusts” that many circumstances or consequences happen for the Highest good.

The times that I have allowed myself to trust in this mantra, it leads me to discover how I may have gone against my intuition or how I succumbed to fear just for fear’s sake that consequently led to a decision or choice that I later regretted. I love to witness growth and internal discoveries that occur for my clients. Clients that have made a conscious commitment to challenge and transform old fears and distorted stories they tell themselves are the ones having accelerated healing and experiencing more internal peace and joy.

Recently, I had a client, Debbie, that contacted me because she became very disgusted, irritated and upset by the actions of her immediate manager and HR manager, Monica. By accident a message went out to multiple people from the HR manager when it was only meant to go out to another manager. In the message the HR manager had been found out that she was playing both sides and not truly desiring to address a problem that Debbie and a co-worker had discussed with her. Monica was basically planning to somewhat throw them under the bus.

Debbie had decided not to go into work the following day and called me to help her deal with the emotional upheaval this experience had brought about within her. I firstly addressed the discovery she made about the lack of integrity Monica had and that it was a blessing to know the truth about her character. Then I asked her if she could recall what she told herself when she discovered this betrayal. Debbie said that she wanted to come up with a reason of why this HR manager was not supporting them and not seeking some type of beneficial resolution.

Debbie came to the conclusion that it was because she and her friend were women of color and that their needs were not as important or worthy as Debbie’s manager who was Anglo. I then challenged Debbie and told her that I could energetically test to see if her conclusion was true. Would she like to know if it was correct? She said sure and when I checked to see if her conclusion aligned to the root of Monica’s actions, it did not match.

I asked her what story she had told herself that made her come up with this conclusion. After a minute, she said “Oh my, I just remembered that my mom would tell me that because I was a woman and biracial I would always have people treat me in an unjust way and that I had to be careful and know that this was going to be a reality in my life.” Bingo. In that moment, she mentioned she was feeling emotional recalling this. We then did the Shamanic energy gifts exchange process that I utilize to transform low-vibrating beliefs. Debbie could feel some energy moving around in her stomach and heart area. I was so happy that this deep distortion was discovered. In no way would this incorrect conclusion serve Debbie, it would just keep feeding the story.

That night she slept very soundly and woke up feeling much lighter. Prior to ending our session I reminded her that if she seeks out why “something happened FOR her”, she will create the space for great personal discovery. Personal discovery brings about the opportunity for healing.

I urge you to look forward to discovering the insights of why “something happened FOR you”. The blessings within are waiting to be unveiled and transformed for your Highest good.

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