Accessing Your Higher Self and Sub-conscious For Answers


Your Higher Self

Are you wanting guidance or answers? Use a simple, yet powerful, exercise that connects you to your Higher self and sub-conscious.

What is Your Higher Self?
It is the aspect of you that is infinite and boundless and always connected to the Higher realms. Your Higher self has always been present; you and I are the ones who disconnect from it. When we allow and permit to reconnect to this aspect of ourselves we can receive clarity, insights and intuitive guidance. Your Higher self is even closer to you than angels and spirit guides because it is the pure crystalline YOU!

Powerful and Simple Exercise
First find a quiet space. Take a couple of deep breaths then begin to go into a nice rhythmic breathing pattern. Get out of your mind and drop into your Heart space. Stay in your Heart space!!

Imagine you are standing on a mountain top. The sun is shining and you are surrounded by beautiful vegetation and lovely nature sounds. In front of you stands a Being with a beautiful welcoming smile. The Being is radiant, powerful, full of loving and accepting energy.

You approach this Being who continues to have a smile. You connect to this Being and discover it is you. It is your Higher infinite self. Allow yourself to connect to and “feel” your Higher self. Trust your Higher aspect. Now is the time to get clarity on whatever you seek.

In this exercise you will repeatedly be asking the question “what is behind…”. Example: “What is behind me feeling so anxious about…” Stay quiet after you ask and let your Higher Self and sub-conscious bring up a thought, feeling, emotion, image etc. Let’s say you begin to feel a knot in your stomach, you then ask “What is behind this knot I feel in my stomach?” Stay quiet once more. You keep asking “what is behind…” whatever else comes up until you hit the source! You will know when you hit the source. It may take 6 or more rounds of asking “what is behind…”, but it will happen if you truly want to know.

When you hit the source notice the twisted perception or “old wound” that you thought you had long ago let go…etc. Take the heavy energy of the source and imagine while on the mountain top that you place the energy into a crystal and you send it away into the Light. The Light will know what to do with it.

Next ask your Higher self to give you light filled energy gifts to fill the space that was created when you released the distortion, block, belief or emotion. Put your left palm out and trust that a very high vibrating energy gift is being placed in your palm. Now take your palm and put it to your heart and receive the gift by saying “I receive, I receive, I receive.” Sit still and allow yourself to “feel”.

My Personal Experience
I’d like to share one of the revelations I had when I used this exercise. I had begun to notice that for some reason I held myself back from truly going full out with enjoying my life. Though I have the financial means I would stop myself from taking more trips or buying more clothes or just having fun. When I took the time to discover the source, with the help of my Higher self I discovered that I held myself back from enjoying my life more fully because of what I had witnessed about my relatives who live in Mexico.

For years my family and I would travel to Mexico for the summer. I became aware of how many (not all) of my relatives struggled financially and how their options were limited. Unbeknownst to me I took their struggles to heart and somehow deep in my sub-conscious I made a choice to be in solidarity with them in order to show my love for them. This is the “aha” moment that came to me when I used the exercise to discover the source of this pattern. I no longer carry this belief that somehow I must stand strong with them by limiting myself. This does not mean I did not assist some of my relatives financially, it means it did not serve me to hold beliefs that I could not enjoy my life to the fullest because of their life circumstances. I cannot save people from their life journey regardless, but I can help lighten the load.

Use this exercise for anything that is causing you confusion, fear, anxiety, or you notice a destructive pattern you keep repeating.

Keep asking and seeking within the Higher YOU and you will find the answers!

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