reconnective healingDisclaimer

The following disclosure is intended to fulfill the requirements of the California Senate Bill #SB577, passed in September 2002, affecting all non-licensed helping professionals offering alternative health care.

Lourdes Martinez is not a medical doctor nor associated with the American Medical Association. The services offered by Lourdes Martinez include a Health Analysis and recommendations of nutrients (minerals, amino acids, vitamins and/or essential fatty acids), Reconnective Healing (taught by Dr. Eric Pearl), and Shamanic Energy work (taught by Inca Shaman Elena Radford) for the purpose of self-healing, personal growth and clearing imbalances. All clients do their own work and healing.

The use of alternative nutritional medicine and energy medicine consultations is alternative and complimentary to healing arts services licensed by the State of California. Ms. Martinez’s services are an adjunct to any advice, treatments or prescriptions recommended by a Licensed Physician.