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We all desire to have great relationships, fulfilling occupations, joy, health, success, security and inner-peace.

Each one of us is the Creator of our life experiences. In my understanding, each of us were instrumental in creating a Divine blueprint (intentional plan) for ourselves prior to incarnating. Therefore, none of us is a victim even though we may feel like we are when faced with very challenging situations. However, at any point in your journey you can choose to transform your physical, emotional, mental and/or Spiritual aspects. You and I have the power and ability to make different choices and decisions which support us in having an improved quality of life with less drama, stress, anxiety and insecurities. Nothing we do is about good, bad, right or wrong it is all about having experiences and choosing to align to what uplifts us, brings us peace and flow.

Many times a certain area of our life is flowing and expanding abundantly while other areas are inconsistent or stagnant. There are very real reasons why this occurs. While it is possible that these challenging experiences may have been part of our Divine intentional plan, they can also rooted in generations of allowing limiting beliefs, judgments, distorted perceptions and fears. All these limitation and blocks are held in a vibrational form within our molecular and light-body structure.

You CAN totally “liberate” yourself from root causes which resist or block your forward momentum. However, it goes beyond conscious affirmations, visualizations, meditations and awareness, though these are all great tools. You must fill the heavy distorted blocks with Love, Light and other Highly encoded intelligent frequencies and consciousness. As a certified Shamanic energy worker of the Inca Principles, I guide you through a simple yet extremely powerful process to liberate yourself and increase your unique Light and vibration in the areas of your life that are not what you want, don’t flow, cause you suffering, bring forth drama or inconsistent results. And whether you seek it or not, the byproduct is Spiritual evolution. Where there is Divine Light there is clarity, love, pure personal power, self-confidence, self-worth, self-respect, joy and peace. Basically, fear based distortions become much easier to manage and shift.

Utilizing what physicists call “the field” and what mystics call the “cosmic higher consciousness”, your low vibrating thoughts, stories, emotions and patterns can be shifted, cleared and transformed. With the Inca Shamanic modality, the Sacred realms within the dimension of Light, Love and Truth are called upon and connected to along with the ancestors. A divine space and circle are utilized to bring forth the highest levels of purity, intelligence, pure “feelings”, and alchemy (the ability to transform).

Another high vibrating modality that I utilize when it is indicated to do so, is Reconnective Healing. It is more free-form. I act as a vessel to allow what is meant to come through and connect to you. It has its own unique resonance and gets to areas that possibly I am not aware that we can get to via the Shamanic, more directed, modality. Sometimes only one modality is beneficial and sometimes both are used at different points.

To support your physical body and its bio-chemical balance, I also can perform a very comprehensive Health Analysis utilizing the body’s electro-magnetic fields. We discover what amino acids, vitamins, minerals or essential fatty acids it may be lacking. We also discover how all the organs, glands and body systems are performing.

All in all, you are the one to direct and create your life. I am here, as a co-creator with you, to support you in creating the greatest vibrational harmony and power the Universe allows you to achieve. So get out of your way and allow it to happen!

Lu Martinez - Reconnection HealingI invite you to use the Body and Soul Reconnection site as a “living/evolving” tool for your greater good.  I am committed to seeking and discovering new methods and teachings to share with you (see the “Recommended Links” page).  I also invite you to share your stories about finding balance or send in your questions.  Please consider joining my Facebook page and listening to my archived radio segments (click on left bar banners).

Lu Martinez - Reconnective Healing
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